Sarah White Wants To ‘Be With You’

sarah_white_smile.jpegI have been jamming to Sarah White ever since stumbling upon her sultry voice that sounds as though it is the embodiment of a slow drag off of a cigarette. This is to be a bit expected since Sarah did used to front rock band Black Blondie. The tracks that she has been releasing lately have definitely been more on the soulful side of things and as evidenced by "I Wanna Be With You," Deep House seems to be a good fit for her as well. Produced by King Britt, Sarah is letting it be known that "maybe tonight's the night." And if you play you're cards right, your night may be the right time for you, too.

Sarah White: "I Wanna Be With You"

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1 Response

  1. Love her! Don't make me pull out some of them old ass dusty 'house it up' moves.
    Yo who is, what is, where is Black Blondie??? The name alone evokes a Hendrix come Debbie Harry love-child, like Lenny Kravitz in drag. But that would just be redundant, wouldn't it.


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