Behind the Groove with Amanda Diva


One look at Amanda Diva's resume and you'll wonder if you're reading the work history of a mere mortal or that of a modern-day superwoman. Like many West Indians, she has numerous jobs and stays on her grind. Most recently she flexed her vocal chops and blessed us with the freEP Spandex, Rhymes & Soul, yet another testament to her limitless talent.

A saucy combination of beauty and brains, Diva always keeps it real and that is one of her most endearing qualities. During my conversation with her on this edition of Behind the Groove, she candidly addressed the sad state of affairs that is Hip Hop and the role of women in it and lets it be known that her future is bigger than Hip Hop. We discussed her time on Def Poetry Jam, her stint with Floetry and what we can expect next. Always evolving as an artist, there is no stopping this Diva.

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Podcast playlist below.

Amanda Diva - "Diva is a Hustla" [SoulBounce Edit]
J Rawls feat. Eric Roberson - "Pleasure Before Pain" (Instrumental)
Hi Tek - "Express" (Instrumental)
Nicolay - "I Need" (Instrumental)
Noah 40 - "Brias Interlude" (Instrumental)
Notorious B.I.G. & DJ Premier - "Kick in the Door" (Instrumental)
Amanda Diva - "Supasonic Supernova"
Drake - "Successful" (Instrumental)
Amanda Diva feat. Q-Tip - "40 MCs"
9th Wonder - "Out of Town" (Instrumental)
Darien Brockington - "I Need You" (Instrumental)
Amanda Diva - "Rebels"
Mos Def - "The Panties" (Instrumental)
Amanda Diva - "Neon"
Amanda Diva - "Getting Started"
The Big La - Drippin' [The Minnie Beat] (instrumental)

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5 Responses

  1. I love Deev! She's the definition of multi-faceted. Great interview

  2. Sorry but this chick is such a fame whore. When your biggest claim to fame is being the replacement in a girl group that was about to break up anyways (Floetry), maybe you should focus on doing something else with that master's degree, hmmm?

  3. that comment from 'not feelin her' was so uncalled for. So because you're an artist and you want to put your work on display,you're considered a 'fame whore'? I haven't seen/heard a sex tape, a titty slip or a diss track from her yet..

  4. Fame whore? Not! but everyone has their opinion. What people fail to realize is that before the entertainment industry became a billion dollar corporation ran by the "man", there were actually artists who crossed genres and studied all performing arts disciplines with ease. Amanda Diva is one of those artistic person. I wish her much success in whatever she does. Great Interview!

  5. Another of those horrible synthetic pop/R&B tracks.
    Boring as a Lil Wayne /Beyonce song.