Common Declares Bling Is Dead, Advocates Personal Style

, as we noted in an earlier post, is definitely a trailblazer when it comes to exuding a dapper and much more gentlemanly style than what typically personifies Hip Hop artists. Long before Jay-Z declared that men over 30 should invest in button-down shirts and lose the fitted caps, Common has been leading the way in understated fashion sense for quite some time. While sitting down recently with the Los Angeles Times, Common not only declared that bling is "gone," but that "good style is about having an eye for quality things and putting them together so they have a feel and integrity and flavor." 

Despite noting his personal style icons are Miles Davis and Malcolm X, Common has designed (cue feigned surprise) a T-shirt line for Microsoft in addition to a previous stint in hat design for label Soji. Never one for overplayed aesthetics, he prefers unique pieces since those are "almost like having a woman in your life who hasn't been all over town." Score one for this fashion trendsetter, and another for fueling my since-high-school crush on this man. Sigh. [H/T:HHDX]

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3 Responses

  1. As someone, who as a kid was explicitly forbidden from incorporating hip hop style into his wardrobe (sagging, backward pants) and who could never afford the bling (I am not complaining), it is nice that Common and Andre 3000 have served as style trendsetters for young black men. They have and continue to demonstrate that you can be cool and have grown man style.

  2. bling is dead??please tell Common to tell the southern rappers that! style is a personal thing as well, i am glad common knows how to dress both in the hood and at church, BUT i have a problem when people make such declarations. people said gangsta rao was dead, but it still still here. the N word word is still here but overall i dig what Common is saying

  3. um, "almost like having a woman in your life who hasn't been all over town"? side-eye for the double standard on women's sexual choices.


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