CurT@!n$ Provides A Critical Mirror With ‘Black Folks’

My issues with Black History Month aside (relegating this history to one month leads to complacency of knowledge of this history for the rest of the year, but I digress), I am always a sucker for well-executed militant words and images. Think old-school NWA and Public Enemy videos. I was convinced back then that there was an agency strictly for casting slave masters and "the man" in those videos. Looking at CurT@!n$'s new video for "Black Folks," it's nice to know that there exist people who are content with disseminating Black history in a month that doesn't start with "f" and also that there are people younger than myself who care enough to want to put these messages to music. [H/T: OKP]

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  1. so glad that emcees like CurT@!n$ are still alive. Much respect.


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