Eve Takes A Stand, Calls Chris Brown Out

So, Eve went on a Twitter rampage (Twitterage?) in which she railed against alleged abuser Chris Brown's YouTube statement where he insists he is not a monster. (Find the video yourself, no links here.) It was one of the most endearing and brave things she's done lately. There's been some type of informal embargo about black celebrities taking a firm stance against Brown's alleged assault of Pop princess Rihanna.

Regardless of her being somewhat out of the public eye recently and the
fact that it was done via Twitter, it's great that she felt empowered
enough to voice frustration at the media's handling of the story and
the justifications and support Brown has gotten from other entertainers
and portions of his fan base. His pitiful, cowardly attempt to garner sympathy
deserves to be called out. Good for her for reminding us of her "Love
Is Blind"
commitment to being against domestic violence and for
putting that punk in his place. [BET]

[Editor's Note: Since the original story was posted Eve has denied
making these statements and claims the Twitter account that made them
is fake. For more information on these developments go here or here.]

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6 Responses

  1. Yeah, I've long been sick of hearing people say, "We don't know what she(Rihanna) did". Maybe. But we know what he(Chris) did...he beat the hell out of her!!!
    The most sickening part was hearing WOMEN justify him and young girls w/ 'We Love You Chris' signs outside of the courthouse.
    Until we develop a ZERO tolerance attitude toward domestic violence...this mess will continue.

  2. It has been sad reading some of these tweens defending his actions. It is ok to be a fan but one must have some self-esteem and confidence in order to be strong enough to say "no" to bad conduct.
    The video is in bad taste. Very immature, in fact. It speaks volumes that he hangs out with Bow Wow.. who can write a book on immature responses. Going to Youtube to tell us your feelings is not cute.
    Overall, this situation has not been treated seriously. I respect Eve for being woman enough to say something. Even Usher with his Ocean's 7 (?) mess were calling that fool out but quickly back tracked. Why? Then hanging out laughing with him at some NBA game when you were questioning his judgment about being seen out and about jet-skiiing after putting someone in hospital.
    People should not look at this just as a boy hitting girl. One human being black-and-bruised another. One must face the full brunt of the law. Hopefully, Chris Brown can learn from this, grow some balls, pick new friends and make better decisions!
    *ends rant*

  3. I, too, am glad to see some Black celebrities speaking honestly on this. Chynadoll is right. Zero tolerance for this, calling it what it is when we see it, and supporting those willing to speak and work against it (among other things) is what has to be done to eradicate it.

  4. Good for Eve! Even if Rihanna hit him, as a man, who is genetically stronger than a woman, should have the restraint to "walk away." The boy needs to be in treatment. Black women have been speaking out against domestic violence for centuries due to victimization. But what we need to see more of, are men speaking out against this problem.

  5. So glad a Black woman finally spoke out against CB's actions! She didn't dance around the issue and make excuses for him; kudos to Eve!

  6. Eve sent out an official statement the other day saying that was not sent from her real Twitter account but rather that of an impersonator.


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