Jay-Z is Auto-Tune Free

With the anticipated third part of the Blueprint trilogy close(r) to release, it's come to the fore that Jay-Z has insisted that none of its tracks use Auto-Tune. According to producer and Auto-Tune aficionado Kanye West, this is a deliberate statement against the device that has infiltrated Hip Hop and R&B to the point of exhaustion over the last few years. Even though it will be refreshing to not have an Auto-Tuned Hova spitting verses, it may not be enough to obliterate this scourge from music. Or does Jay-Z still have enough cache to single-handedly save us from its domination? [H/T: BPB]

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3 Responses

  1. Autotune should have died a hot fiery death a LONG time ago.

  2. Maybe other artists will hop on the bandwagon and we can actually return to music as we once knew it.

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    hey, he got folks to 'change clothes' and stop wearing those ridiculously priced throwback jerseys, maybe there's hope for him banishing auto tune! lol..any effort is worth it at this point..


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