Morning Soul: Love It, Love It, Love It

  • Ginuwine recommends "Differences" and...wait for it..."So Anxious" as wedding reception appropriate songs from his catalogue. [DJB]
  • Raphael Brown of Next fame had a restraining order filed against him last week by his ex-wife and now he's returning the favor. [EUR]
  • After appearing on stage in The Color Purple and Aida, Michelle Williams will now be starring at Roxie Hart in Chicago. [UM]
  • Oh good. Jordin Sparks and T-Pain are collaborating. [SR]

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6 Responses

  1. Wait a minute, isn't So Anxious about bonin'? And he wants this played at wedding receptions? Jesus wept.
    *le sigh* Bilal needs another album released publicly. I love keepin' the underground going, but enough already, Bilal! Drop another album sometime soon.

  2. Jordin Sparks and T-Pain? You know, what? Forget it.

  3. This song stays on ipod!!! This my favorite song from Bilal. Where is he?

  4. Jordin Sparks & T-Pain? My soul can't take it...

  5. So much wrong this Friday...
    "So Anxious" for a wedding reception? Um...I guess it's all about honesty, right? *shakes head*
    Jordin Sparks + T-Pain = Scary

  6. Bilal had a video for this song? Im surprised. I dont keep up with videos, but I guess Im more surprised because I think of this as a filler track on the album.


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