See These Ladies Live: YahZarah, Deborah Bond, & Alison Carney

5 Responses

  1. drives me mad that people who can sing like this are in the shadows. Britney Spears is supported on a major spend tour.

  2. I came across this vid a few days ago and must have listened to it about 5/6 times straight off ... amazing!
    I'm already a huge fan of Yahzarah and i have heard of Deborah and Alison (although don't own any of their stuff). I have since been out and bought Deborah's 'DayAfter'.
    I agree with Daisy 110%!!

  3. *does the Super Stan Shuffle all up in this poast*

  4. Yahzarah is coming to Strictly Social in LA August 19. Get ready Los Angeles!