‘Tell Me U Love’ This New Amerie Track

amerie_photo_2008.jpgDuring our break, a couple of Amerie joints leaked from the forthcoming In Love & War. The resounding favorite here at SBHQ is "Tell Me U Love Me," which finds Amerie on home terrain with aggressive percussion, horns, and the requisite funk. The interesting thing about this track is that, although the execution is familiar, it still manages to feel fresh. And besides, this is what we love her for. [H/T: CL]

Amerie: "Tell Me U Love Me"

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6 Responses

  1. I hope this album works out for her. She's been overlooked for too long.

  2. 1st! Welcome back; i've missed my daily bounce. Song is fire

  3. It's still just okay to me. Good, but not great. Her voice sounds strained at points. I certainly like it better than the other leak, the lazy Why R U? Won't making my summer soundtrack though.

  4. I'd say the song is cute. Still not "vintage" Amerie but I doubt she could ever top All I Have. It might just get some crazy play this year though. Oh, and that pic isn't so flattering...I thought anorexia was out. Lol. No but really she's so beautiful, why do people always have to go and change their natural looks that way?

  5. First off, what the heck does she have on in that picture? lol
    Never really was a fan of Amerie, but I do try to give her a chance to win me over. This is so so for me.
    Funny how this sounds like her signature music, but all I hear is Beyonce. She sure did steal Amerie's style it seems...has anybody else noticed that?

  6. I'm excited!!!