Vanessa Williams Returns With A Vengeance

Vanessa Williams is gearing up for the release of The Real Thing, her 13th album and Concord Records debut, on June 2nd with not one but three new videos from the project. She somehow found time while portraying the decadently evil Wilhelmina Slater on ABC's Ugly Betty to record The Real Thing with help from a who's who of songwriters and producers including Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, Stevie Wonder, Rex Rideout and Babel Gilberto, who penned "Close To You," for which the first video can be viewed below. "Close To You" finds Vanessa embracing the bossa nova rhythms of Brazil and even singing in Portuguese. Videos for the tracks "Just Friends" and "Breathless" can be found after the bounce. All of these songs and videos are sophisticated and sexy, just like the woman singing them. And Vanessa looks so good in all of these clips it's sickening. Enjoy and be sure to pick up the new album when it hits stores next week.

Vanessa Williams [Official][MySpace]
Vanessa Williams The Real Thing [Amazon]

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12 Responses

  1. Uh, sexy and sophisticated maybe...but also sort of boring and budget-restrained. She does look amazing though.

  2. I love seeing her. She's come so far. I remember when a trash magazine made her resign her Miss America title. No one remembers the magazine or the low-life owner of the mag/rag. Ha! Yes, I love seeing her.

  3. The first video looks awkward and the guy dancing with/touching her looks like he about to go hit the bar for drinks... he should have something on that is dressier...Vanessa sounds good though...I don't think I will watch the other two videos if the first one is any indication of what they will be like...

  4. She is such a constant and beautiful reminder of the indomitable spirit of black women! She and so many others simply eviscerate time and age while simultaneously bringing new light and levels of greatness to the self same measure of years. Damn! I'm getting excited about that sista soulfulness just typing about it. I need to go holla some of that right now!

  5. Concord is a small jazz and adult pop label, so she probably didn't have a lot of money for the videos, but more importantly, she looks and sounds great! Close to You and Just Friends would both work well in the AC market, and that's no diss, it's just the only place where subtle, soft, alluring music fits format wise these days. In any case, The Real Thing will be copped next Tuesday. Bravo V!

  6. I had no idea that this lady was a singer lol!
    I've seen her in UB and assumed that she was just an actress.
    Anyway the songs are nice, not mind-blowing but good, solid soulful music.

  7. Wow, she look really good for 46!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Wonder-MILF powers... ACTIVATE!!!

  9. Damn, that sista has still got it!

  10. Saw her live two years ago, own every record she has done. VW is the truth!-QH

  11. Wow, looks like she never got over 'Dance With Me' huh? Thats my movie! lol
    She looks darn good though. Thats what being close is about. Its about feeling that other person's body heat, hands all over you. I like how she illustrated her lyrics through the dance...there's so much passion in dance. Got damn! excuse my language.
    Two things I did not care for...her chorus of resounding "heeeyyyyah ah ah, heeyyyyahh" umm, no not feeling that. Wish there were more words.
    Second, why did I barely see the dark-skinned girls face??? Correction, I only saw her face once, at the very end, and that was only for a few seconds. 2 seconds.
    Nonetheless, this is grown folks music right here. Makes me want to go out and dance tonight 🙂

  12. I caught the "Just Friends" video a week ago and thought "Okay, locked off camera and her singing. That's it? She's stunning, but she ain't THAT stunning." Come on, Concord, give Vanessa some kind of budget. I'd be more than happy to have seen her just walking the beach and singing ala "Dreamin'" twenty (TWENTY!) years ago. Also, her softer voice really does fit well with that bossa sound. Good for her!