What’s An Usher Gotta Do?

Usher is hard at work on his next album, which is slated to drop later this year and is supposedly entitled Monster. After the so-so reception that his last collection Here I Stand received, Usher needs a hit and he may just have stumbled upon one thanks to the Neptunes who produced the cut "What's A Guy Gotta Do." The song takes a page out of brown-skinned Michael Jackson's playbook and you can hear Chad and Pharrell's signature sound throughout. This joint is refreshing like a popsicle on a hot summer day. So what's an Usher gotta do to stay relevant in the game? Keep making songs like this one. 

Usher: "What's A Guy Gotta Do"

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13 Responses

  1. LOL @ brown-skinned Michael Jackson but I can indeed definitely hear that..the song is okey but why does it remind me of R kelly's Step in the name of love?I am trippin..I dont particularly care for the song. Funny though,on Here I Stand it was 'whats a MAN to do' but since that didn't work out he's back to being a Guy again
    I must be the only one who liked a lot of the songs on his last album though;trading places,love you gently,before I met you,his mistakes,appetite,what's a man to do,here I stand..

  2. Definitely going for an MJ sound, back during his "Off The Wall" days.

  3. I agree with Aida. His last album was grown man music minus Love In The Club...The songs Aida listed were amazing,the title track in particular delivered a surprising amount of Soul.'Here I Stand' did not probably do well cause ppl were going to T Pain & Wayne for club bangers and the other tracks were a lil too grown for Chris Browns (former)tweenybop fans.
    The MJ vibe is very very apparent especially at 2mins+ into the track.

  4. Feeling it, even with the obvious MJ vibe. I don't know if I'm feeling the album title though. I guess at the end of the day, the tracks are what matter. More of this and Ursh might be back on my radar.

  5. The song is nice but unfortunately, it wont be a hit for Usher. Most of the listening public is too stupid to realize good music these days. There are so many non singers with huge followings its ridiculous. He is going to have to come with the tomfoolery and the stupid lingo to get any attention.

  6. Song is nice but it definitely isnt strong enough to put him back on top

  7. It won't be a hit IF it's released but Chad & Pharrell can do no wrong with me.

  8. It continues to amuse me that people listened to Here I Stand and found nothing to like on it. His wife isn't that ugly and hateful. LOL. Seriously - that album is about as classy and perfectly crafted as black pop gets.

  9. It's misinformation to say "Here I Stand" did so so sells. As of 5/16/09, "Here I Stand" sold (not shipped, but actually sold) 1,182,575 copies in 53 weeks. Now those aren't the numbers of "Confessions," but it still makes him one of the top selling R&B acts of 2008 and THE top selling R&B male of last year. Even in this economic and music downturn Usher has relatively strong sales. Now the real question is why can't a brother singing about marriage do as well as a brother singing about dogging women when we're talking about the same brother with the same level of artistry as before? hmmm...

  10. Misinformation would be to state a gross inaccuracy, like saying the album sold less than 1 million copies, which wasn't stated here. "So-so" is subjective, albeit relative to the sales of Confessions, although I think "reception" within the context of this post could be referring to any number of things, not just sales.

  11. Here I Stand was soulful album. Especially as compared at what's being pushed down our throats by Radio One and its ilk. That album showed Usher's growth as a man and an artist. I think a lot of people missed out. I think its unfortunate that the listening public doesn't grow with the artist. As for this song, its cute and light. It reminds me of tracks from Justin Timberlake's "Justified" cd.

  12. Production isn't slick in the slightest. Sounds like a Neptunes demo. Would like to hear someone take the track and make it sound like it actually should...

  13. This is the Usher I like. He channeled this sound a few years back with the song "Wifey" and the joint with Steve Austin, "What It Is." The way I see it, Michael Jackson ain't doin' Michael Jackson anymore, so someone has to step up to the plate & bring that sound back. Preferably I think Phonte would do the better job, but Usher...with the Neptunes...ehh, why not? Just don't overkill it like auto-tune. Good luck, Ush!