Wu-Note Project Improves Hip Hop Classics

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As much as I love Wu-Tang Clan, there has always been something unmistakably lacking when it came to their finished product. The subpar album art gracing most of their CD and vinyl album covers--save ODB's amazing ones--irked graphic designer Logan Walters as well. So like any person with a penchant for creating visually stunning imagery, he set about on his "Wu-Note Project." Though he's only created 12 of 21 total Wu-Tang album covers, Walters' attempt to elevate the music's greatness by paying homage to those classic Blue Note album covers serves as the perfect bridge between Hip Hop and it's undisputable forebear, Jazz music. Check after the bounce for another one of my favorites and check here to pick your own. [H/T: MA]


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7 Responses

  1. I love these! they would make great t-shirts too.

  2. ohhh I think the Tical one is my favorite!

  3. i really wish people would stop saying these are improving the original covers, it just makes you sound corny.
    The Wu music was under produced, low budget, dusty & unprofessional and that is exactly why they stood out so much. IMHO saying the original covers arent era-defining smells of upper class snobbery. if you are going to get technical with aspects of hip-hop you shouldnt listen to hip-hop because technically hip-hop is retarded. its purpose was to buck the trends and go against the grain.
    The Wu-Note series is dope but to shit on the original covers seems disrespectful since the original covers represented the content of the album; raw, gritty, unapologetic and original.
    end of rant, I love some of the new covers (his Tical & Bob Digi) but have to stand up for the original covers and in a greater sense hip-hop. (no shots)

  4. Yes, ill Mami, upon considering your PREVIOUS posts on this website ABOUT WU-TANG and HIP-HOP IN GENERAL it's painfully obvious that you know nothing about either and shouldn't be speaking on them.

  5. It's more of an exercise in creative sampling don't you think? We all agree that the blue note style was classy, stunning, and downright trend setting. A lot of designers are borrowing this style because they recognize the uniquness and easy reconizability of it. But just like the graphical style of Saul Bass, these covers should be seen as a creative homage to Blue Note and not a replacement of the original Wu covers. They're nice but not better than the original.

  6. These...
    I wish they were available in 40 oz form!
    This is how I gets my brains booted.
    Dammit Mami!
    SB, I love you but I'm jacking your post in its entirety!


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