Live-Blogging The 2009 BET Awards!

2009betawards.jpgBET is in an usual situation for this year's awards show. They cannot just resort to their usual three hours of tomfoolery just because they can. Nope. Not this year. The biggest, most influential entertainer of our time, Michael Jackson, passed away earlier this week, and BET just happened to be next on deck for an awards ceremony. The one year we were actually looking forward to watching the show for something other than live-blogging it, our staff's hands were tied. Luckily, salvation came in the form of Blue, who is an excellent writer, friend of the site, and possesses the kind of acerbic wit that makes her the perfect person to take on the task of documenting every minute of what is sure to be a highly entertaining show. Welcome her with open arms and join her in the comments or on Twitter. She's just as nervous about this as you are. -nOva

  • The BET Awards are about to begin and I am praying to gawd that they don't mess this up. Let's go!
  • New Edition doing the Jackson 5! YES! Bobby's probation officer is going to heaven for letting him cross state lines for this.
  • I got some serious In Living Color flashbacks watching Jamie's MJ intro. He just may pull this off...I'm unclenching my buttcheeks (for now)
  • Tyra banks is dressed like a sexy paperboy. Not sure how I feel about this...
  • Best Male Hip Hop Award goes to Lil Weezy. They're giving out these awards so fast the tribute must be hella long.
  • Ginuwine has just promised us that MJ's legacy will live on (through his baby hairs)
  • I wonder if Keri Hilson dressing like Micheal makes her momentarily feel better about being a Z list artist w/ more swagger than sales.
  • Ne-yo singing "Lady in My Life" is GORGEOUS. And I'm not just saying that because it's one of my faves... *single tear*
  • Anthony Anderson is dead wrong for dressing like a pitcher of Kool-Aid
  • Amber Rose sighting FTW!
  • Someone needs to "accidently" drop T-Pain's voice box out of a window and blame THAT on the alcohol.
  • I wonder how Ms. Piggie feels about her daughter doing a reality show on BET w/ some girl named "Toya"
  • If you go by "Soulja Boy Tell em" doesnt ur name imply that you should actually be SAYING something? I just put my "swag" on mute
  • Best Collabo Award goes to Jamie Foxx and T Pain.
  • Best Male RnB goes to Ne-Yo
  • This show is surprisingly unspectacular. And here I was wi/ my shotgun DARING Chris Brown to show up. drats!
  • Did Jamie just stutter while pronouncing Jenkins?
  • I smell a Beyonce appearance
  • Beyonce's dressed like a Victoria Secret model in heaven.
  • Dear Beyonce: What does singing a Christmas carol in a see through wedding dress have to do with the King of Pop? - Sincerely Yours, Logic
  • Wanda is Baaaack! Yes! Jamie Foxx just woke me up. "I know this is C Brown's baby b/c it keep kicking me!" HA!!!
  • The less attractive Mary of "Mary, Mary" should have consulted w/ Jesus (or a stylist) before coming out on stage.
  • OMG Latifah stole Tyra's lacefront! That explains why Ty looked so butch earlier. They're switching 4 the nite a la Freaky Friday....right?
  • Zoe Saldana and Nichelle Nichols = 2 generations of beautiful!
  • Best Actress is Taraji P. Henson. DC, MD, VA Represent!
  • Keri Hilson just won the "I Slept with a show Producer" Award (better known as best new artist)
  • Due to Soulja Boy's tomfoolery Fabolous (or however he spells it) doesnt seem so bad anymore.
  • Whoever did Keith Sweat's Botox is an evil genius! It's like 1996 all over again.
  • GUY is back! OMG!
  • BBD is doing Poison! Ok thats it. I'm officially regressing 2 high school & itching to slip on some bamboo earrings and pop some Bubblicious
  • Does anyone else feel some kinda way about Jazzmine Sullivan promoting COTTON? Harriett Tubman just turned in her grave
  • Ray J + Real Housewives of Atlanta = For the Love of Ray J: Cougar Edition.
  • Ciara is actually singing ing the right key!!! The audience is so shocked you could hear a pin drop
  • Paula Patton and Robin Thicke are gonna have some fine beige babies!
  • Keyshia Cole looks good! I still cant believe she came outta Neffies crackbox. *shivers at the thought*
  • 8 babies later and Monica is still built like Jimminy Cricket. Poor thing.
  • Jeremy Piven is a G. I'm not even mad at him for being at the show. I dont know WHY he's there..but I aint mad
  • Jeremy Piven: "If there wasn't a MJ Justin Timberlake would be selling curly fries in the Valley"
  • Beyonce's dress looks like a velvet couch dipped in glitter.
  • Jay Z gets major points for being the first rapper of the nite to use complete sentences. Grammar is the new black youngin's. Cop that!
  • It's sweet of Jamie to hit up the nosebleed section. I'm a lil shocked they all look like extras from Nelly's Country Grammar video though.
  • When the world comes to an end there will only be cockroaches and Al Sharpton left.
  • This show is longer than the director's cut of Roots! Someone call me when Don Cornelius goes on a Jello break. *yawn*
  • Tevin Campbell DIDNT get a sex change? I owe someone from middle school $5 then. I can admit when I lose a bet.
  • Tyrese, Johnnie Gill and Trey Songz doing an Ojay tribute. Hmmm..Who is responsible for this charity? Is this part of the stimulus plan?
  • Dubious "celebrity" and pop cuture relevance aside - these boys can sang. I wont lie.
  • I wonder if those are the noises Johnny Gill makes when he and Eddie Murphy are all alone? *raised brow*
  • Where's that man from the Apollo with the cane who would pull folks off the stage? *openly glaring @ Don Cornelius' ass now"
  • Why the Ojays dressed like double stuffed Tic Tacs?
  • Leave it to a Levert to say sh!t and sneak it past the censors
  • This Just In: Micheal Jackson's son Blanket turned 18 while we watched this Ojays segment and rumored 2b dating Suri Cruise! News @ 11
  • Loving this "Money" routine. I think Eddie Levert's Viagra just kicked in. Dance Papa!!
  • Neicey Nash's dress looks like sexy gift wrap. I wonder how much she gets paid to watch people clean their houses.
  • Johnny Gill just shared with the world that MJ hit on him @ a party while he was in a red dress. THAT explains the song. Gotcha!
  • *singing* Put on your red dress......and your hiiiigh heels...I gotta say my my mY MY MY MY MY!
  • At least Sherri Shepherd doesnt LOOK like a simpleton who thinks the world is flat and Jesus came before dinosaurs. Just goes to show ya..
  • the CEO of BET looks like she would eat your children while they dream. *making the sign of the cross and stepping away from screen*
  • Ok jokes aside I'm a big humanitarian. Kudos to BET for this Wyclef/A. Keys global change segment. The kids need to see this.
  • Alicia Keys needs to seriously consider starring in a biopic of Lena Horne she looks sooo much like her tonight!
  • We could have shaved 30 mins off this show if they cut out abou 60 of these Frankie & Neffie promos.
  • Not sure how I feel about Taraji's futuristic mullet
  • LMAO @ Tyrese recreating Baby Boy. Am I the only person of color who only stomached that movie ONCE?
  • It's a sad day when you say Rihanna and *poof* TINY walks up to the stage. Yikes! The whole audience needs beer goggles for this one.
  • "Guns is Micheal Jackson" = in bad taste.
  • Video of the Year for Single Ladies is a no brainer
  • Maxwell's performance is redeeming the past hour of questionable activity. On an appearence by Janet would be better at this point.
  • Drats! The Ojays got a hold of the mics again *insert deep dramatic sigh*
  • Drake got big by being a supporting character on Degrassi and now he's the future of music? How do we feel about this?
  • They just bleeped Lil Wayne 12 times in 30 seconds & 11 of those bleeps was referring to his love nub. Clearly Sizzurp makes you classy!
  • Wait. WAIT! Why are they talking all nasty with 12 yr old girls on the stage? Jon Benet Video Vixens are a bad look partna!
  • The censor on duty must be eating Popeye's Chicken cause he's missed most of the swears in this set.. "Rufus - ya fired!"
  • JANET! OK I will NOT cry. I will NOT cry.
  • my heart just broke. wow.
  • even in this beautiful moment I cant help wondering how m any $20s Ne-Yo slipped Jamie so that he could cohost. Cuz clearly thats what he is
  • Wait....thats it? ONE real tender moment after 3 hrs of skeet skeeting?
  • And why do I suddenly have the urge to drink red Koolaid & smear Pink Moisturizer in my hair while driving a Buick? Those ads are the debil!
  • Aight folks - this is your girl Blue (@bluetopia) & I'm signing out! Soulbounce thanks you for joinin
    g us tonight! It was a pleasure 🙂

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10 Responses

  1. PROPS TO NOVA AND BLUE for the Live Blog!! I'm on a bus, so this definitely helps me stay tuned to BET. Michael Jackson all damn day! Billie Jean is NOT the sheriff!!!

  2. Jazmine Sullivan is getting her endorsement money. We know albums sales no longer pay the rent.
    Look at Ciara proving to all the naysayers that she can actually sing ACAPELLA!

  3. Guy, Bell Biv Devoe, Ojays, Maxwell, show stage presence. The rest of the performers might as well be in their living rooms on Youtube. STrike that. I've seen better Youtube-in-the-house performances.

  4. Lil Wayne and the 9 year olds was crazy. Why were they even on the stage? It looked really bad.
    Loved seeing Keith Sweat, Guy, and BBD but none of them actually sounded good.
    The Shanaenae and Wanda trailer was funny but Martin can't do Sha like he used to.
    How did Jamie Foxx get to sing 3 tiimes? Being that I cringe everytime he is on my TV set, I spent most of the night with my face all balled up. He didn't do the greatest job hosting either.
    Overall the show was ok but realllly tooo long. But they kept me up by holding Maxwell til the end. He sounded like butta.

  5. The show was ...not so great. A lot of the comeback performers should have stayed back. The overall feeling of the show was disjointed and amateurish. It was a big let down overall. Not smooth, not polished, but in some instances just plain ghetto.
    There were a few bright performances but not enough to bring it up past it' D-!

  6. The depth of coonery that took place last night at the BET Awards was at an alarming level.

  7. I don't know why I didn't follow this tweet last night....maybe I was just too in shock with the awards themselves. I'm so disappointed. I really thought they were going to do something. It started off cool too...with NE opening with a tribute and Jamie's beginning...but then it fell off. There were a few moments of glory, but, geez louise they were too far and few between. I know they had to scramble to redirect some things after MJ's passing, so they get an A for that effort...but come on ya'll....why can't they do better...why must everyhting be so da*n tacky?!?! Do Better BET, do better!

  8. Avatar

    I didn't get to see the awards. I did however see about a 1/2 hour of the preshow at someone's house and that was enough to let me know I wouldn't be missing anything, which is sad. I honestly haven't watched BET in months b/c my tolerance for coonin is at an all time. Just when I think BET can't get it any worse, it does.

  9. Lov'd Maxwell. The feathers just kept on coming. What in the world was Beyonce doing? That was not a great look for her.

  10. Crackin' up @ Blue's comments! Great rundown of the show!!!