About That Mary J. Blige / Chris Brown Song

Mary J. Blige is free to record with whomever she pleases. She's free to do songs that are heavy on Auto-Tune and light on originality. She wouldn't be the first musical act to pander to audiences (that would otherwise dismiss her) in order to stay relevant. But here's the thing, Mary J. Blige doesn't have to do any of that shit. She's been around a long time, but nothing about her output indicates a need to conform in that manner, certainly not when she's moving 629,000 copies of her album first week out--a number that any artist, established or otherwise, would kill for these days.
There are plenty of what-ifs surrounding the emergence of "Stronger," a track featuring Chris Brown allegedly intended for Rihanna and summarily passed to Keri Hilson and Mary.
What if the accompanying male vocals aren't Chris Brown and instead belong to some other nasally-voiced, Usher rip-off rat bastard chump that beat his girlfriend damn-near to death? This wouldn't be the case, since Brown wrote the song, according to his many, many fansites. 
What if it was recorded before The Incident? This is what we hoped, but there's some anecdotal evidence that points to the contrary. Tracie over at Jezebel breaks it down:

Interestingly, about a month after Brown's alleged assault on Rihanna -- while the young couple was in the midst of a brief reconciliation -- both TMZ and Us reported that the pop stars were secretly working on a duet during a couple of late-night recording sessions, with producer Polow Da Don, saying, "The theme is about being stronger and growing stronger in a relationship." As we know, if those sessions did indeed take place, nothing ever came of them, and shorty thereafter, Rihanna broke it off with Brown for good. So is this the same song that Blige ended up recording? It certainly seems like it is, considering the lyrics ("We've been through it all/ We had some close calls...We'll survive / As long as you're by my side"), and the fact that the same producer is attached to each project.

(If this track is really produced by Polow Da Don, then that presents another issue, as he manages to offend Black women every time he opens his disgusting meerkat mouth.) 
What if this track doesn't end up on the album? If we raise enough hell, it probably won't.
What if Mary is simply calling upon her spirit of forgiveness by engaging in this? It would certainly seem so, especially once we consider that after her "private hell"/"Ike and Tina of the '90s" relationship with K-Ci Hailey she managed to record another duet with him for her Mary album entitled "Not Looking." It is worth pointing out that they, reportedly, didn't share a studio during those sessions. But then we must also consider her words regarding her step-child Briana, who famously chin-checked Charles Hamilton in a now-infamous video:

I feel really bad, and it doesnt make me proud for me to see her doing things like that. Its just stupidity. It makes no sense. But as a parent, we love them through [it.] I'm not like 'yeah son, I'm glad my kid is up there....

Would things be any different if Chris Brown was her child? Who knows? But there's one thing we're certain of: If she willingly recorded this after The Incident and intends to include it on her new album, after seeing the photographic evidence, after seeing Chris Brown address people that object to domestic partner abuse as "haters," all the while employing the tired logic of "there's two sides to every story"--this is easily the stupidest thing she's ever done.
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17 Responses

  1. I don't know what the purpose of this article is other than to express your hatred for a young man who is talented and a woman who can work with any one she pleases. I am so tired of these articles written by judgemental, hateful no life having losers who think they know so much about someone elses private life. Go away! Get over it, Rihanna has and you should too. It is really getting old and boring. NO ONE cares what you think of Chris, least of all Mary or her fans. How dare you question her or threaten to give her hell. You're a loser. Chris has many fansites because he has MANY fans. Judging from the absence of comments to this article you do not. Loser!

  2. Well aside from all of those what ifs, the song SUCKS.

  3. Never has it been so obvious how sexism has socialized some people. Chris Brown beat Rihanna senseless and you actually have people defending him. I know it hurts to have somebody you follow, somebody you look up to, do something like that. You think it just can't have been that bad. You wish and hope that what he did just was an accident and people are just being mean to him.
    Nah. People care about Chris Brown. But we also know that what he did was so fucked up. I've seen domestic violence from all angles, and people like Tracie - well you'll get it soon enough. I could run down a list of people who did jacked up shit that I wish they hadn't. Barkley and the prostitute. Jordan and gambling. OJ and double murder. Clinton/lewinsky. People you look up to will let you down. No amount of you trying to pretend like Chris Brown didn't beat the shit out of Rihanna will make it okay.
    Mary knows way better than this. How old is she - 40? Come on.

  4. @Tracie: I'm sure the lack of comments has more to do with the fact that those with actual thought mechanisms want to measure their words more carefully or do as you have not done...give actual thought to Nova's post.
    But since you decided to go there, I'm going to tell you what I'm tired of...I'm tired of young, misguided girls like you jumping to Chris Brown's defense when anyone dares to suggest that he just might be wrong for beating the hell out of Rihanna. You accuse people of being judgemental or hateful towards Chris but not ONE time do you, a FEMALE, dare to say two words of support for Rihanna. Not one time do you dare to give her the SAME benefit of the doubt that you so FREELY give Chris.
    As a member of the female species, does anything about that not sit right with you? If it doesn' need to get your mind right.
    And if you want to accuse me of being judgmental of you or Chris ...go right ahead. I don't care.

  5. Tracie, you should pump your breaks boo, its not that deep. You sound as if Chris ‘Beat Em Down’ Brown fucked you within 1 inch your life & your hung up on his lovin’ till the end ride or die style.
    The only loser in this instance is CB, well and you for the BS you spewed.
    And how do you know Rihanna is over it? Do you really think that a person who had the shit beat out of them by someone they were involved with only months ago will be over it? Let alone the pure publicity of it all.
    That comment could have only come from someone who is out of touch with reality.
    If you ever get your ass beat by your boo, please tell us how you feel months later.
    Im just saying.

  6. Im with Faith... wow... yucky, ick, ptuey... song sucks

  7. I'm on record as saying Chris Brown is a sucker. But when does he get to move on with his life? I mean if he got 15 years, some of you would still be on condeming the dude. I dont agree with him beating up ole girl under any circumstances, I also dont agree with the way he handled himself after the beat down. A real man would have stood up, admit he was damn wrong, did some public broadcast condemning his behavior, etc, this fools is driving hot rides and going to NBA games with RiRI look alikes. I agree with you Nova 100% Mary is WAAAAAY to established to be making half ass music with CB. However MJB can do what the hell she wants, as a sista who went through a abuse relationship, if she can forgive Chris Brown why cant everyone else?
    Sde bar: Mary music has fallen the hell off since the breakthrough, first she does an auto tune joint, now she's doing joints with B level performers, what's next a soaring duet with Jessica Simpson? 🙂

  8. Mary is established in mainstream music and has become a glamorous hood-to-hollywood role model for black girls everywhere. I love me some Mary but let's not forget that she will always be two steps away from the street. Personally, I can't bear to hear her speak...

  9. I too must agree with Faith. That song doesn't do a damn thing for me. It's actually unmemorable.

  10. I think some people are missing the point of this article and the others that are making the same point. The issue here is really not w/ Chris Brown, it's with Mary. You can think whatever you want of him, that's fine, the general music buying public can decide to ignore the incident and pretend it didn't happen, that's fine (for arguments sake). But the point here is that Mary with her background and experiences even considering working with Chris Brown before he has taken any responsibility for the situation or on the other hand been exonerated in court makes NO SENSE. If you've been a Mary fan since the beginning you know that her father was abusive to her mother, you know she then stayed in an abusive relationship with K-Ci - we know that this relationship played into her already low self-esteem and self-hate and destructive behavior that she went through in the mid to late 90s. So if there is one person who I would not have expected to hear say "we need to listend very carefully to both sides of the story" on TV One it would definitely be MJB. If there was one person in the industry who I would have expected to be like I can't condone violence against women and maybe there's more to the story and if so we'll deal with that when it comes out, but for now, Chris Brown is on my isht list, it would be MJB. This chic, as she has grown out of hood Mary into respected icon Mary has become all about women's empowerment and because of that, the fact that she would work with Chris Brown at this point makes NO SENSE.

  11. I agree with the first part of the article. Mary is so well received by millions of fans that she does not have to do a duet with Chris Brown or Drake for that matter. Here's the thing that people may not have thought of. Maybe just maybe she is trying to do for their careers what Grand Puba and so many artists did for her career. Early on more established artists lent Mary their vocals thus adding to her superstar status. Those artists didn't have to do that either, but they did. Just a thought.

  12. Huge MJB fan,but I have to agree with faith the tune is very unforgatable. Never was a CB fan. MJB stop this tune don't use it for the upcoming project take your time select the right songs not the two we heard already............ move on not back.

  13. I'm not feeling it. It just doesn't seem like the Mary we've come to know and love. She doesn't need this album.

  14. So if Mary worked with Bill Withers, would we have the same issue?
    I won't sit here & say that Chris Brown is innocent, he isn't, but he does have a disease, and it can be cured if he wants to rid himself of it. I think it easy for us to sit here and make this man the Ike Turner of the decade.
    But, like Ike Turner, how many other talented men who were singers beat their wives? James Taylor, Jeffrey Daniel, just to name some. Though we give them the utmost respect and courtesy. Again, they made the journey to cure their disease that Brown has yet to make.
    All I'm saying is that this isn't a black & white situation. Lots of gray here.-QH

  15. Good point, QH. I'm pretty sure if you replaced CB with any of those guys in these times, at the rate at which this sort of things travels, coupled with the flagrancy of the incident, then folks would likely take equal exception.

  16. SO CB is doing background vocals. I don't see the big deal actually. You really can't call this a duet and dare I say I like the song. Nice pop feel that I like for Mary. I guess there aren't any Miles Davis fans on this site since he would beat the crap out of Cecily Tyson when they were married.

  17. Its simple, if you dont like the song dont listen to it. if you dont like what chris brown did...dont buy his music or dont listen to his songs...but by telling mary that she should know better and all that...where do you get off? as some people said she is free to do what she wants. yeah she doesnt have to..i mean come on..she is MARY..but maybe she wants to. maybe she liked the song for crying out loud. nobody would be stupid enough to say that what chris brown did is ok or right. and by defending him does not mean that you dont feel sorry for rhianna, but it was her choice to go back with him after what he was her choice to be with him in the first place. she made a mistake did he. nobody deserves to be treated the way she was but at some point you need to forgive and move on. NOT forget ...NOT accept ..but forgive. everybody makes mistakes so dont judge. listen to the words of the song rather than who dwell on who wrote it. i know i feel this way about my mom. thats what i like about the song. and my liking the song sure as hell doesnt mean i support what chris brown did. its not that deep people. Forgiveness is the name of the game ...and as somebody who has been abused...yeah i said it!