Dont Miss Boyz II Men On A&E’s ‘Private Sessions’

Synchronize your DVR's, everyone! This Sunday morning Boyz II Men will be the next guests to appear on A&E's Private Sessions.
After almost 20 years, Nathan Morris, Shawn Stockman and Wanya Morris are still in the game, recording, touring, and reminding us why they are the most successful male R&B group ever. Although the quartet is now a trio (we miss you, Mike!), little is missing from the formula that made BIIM award winners and favorites of many. Check out the fellas discussing their "Alex Vanderpool" style below and videos of them performing "Just My Imagination" and their mega-hit "End of the Road" after the bounce. If you can't wait until Sunday to get your fix, additional footage from their episode of Private Sessions may be viewed on the A&E website.

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4 Responses

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    Well since my cable doesn't carry TV One, I don't mind settling for this..too bad I missed the En Vogue episode..

  2. Boys II Men have for some reason never really gotten the props they deserve. They were never a pop band, just because they didnt make R.Kelly type R&B did not make them a pop band. I still bang their music and always will.

  3. I love their music. It's so nice to be able to listen to music that doesn't insult you with the vulgarities so prevalent today. As such I can enjoy this with my kids.

  4. I really liked Boyz II Men in their hey day, but a lot of their music hasn't aged well for me. I know Babyface is a hit maker but in general, I dont find his stuff stands the test of time. My favorite album was Coolyhigh and I can still listen to it. Please Dont Go, This is My Heart and Your Love were my jams. But the big second album and the road from there I just dont dig so much, even though I did back then. Talented guys though.