dot.|maTic Brings Soul To ‘The City’

dotmatic_city_800.jpgSince I know a great deal of artists (aspiring and established) drop by here every now and then seeking retribution for the latest in unfiltered music commentary, allow me to make a recommendation. dot.|maTic (born Jelani Carter) needs to be added to your production line-up post-haste. With a Philly Soul pedigree and a range that can easily put him on par with some of our favorite legendary Hip-Hop and Soul producers, I have a feeling we'll be talking about him a lot more in the near future. His second instrumental album, citY was released this year on Record Breakin' (presumably during our hiatus) and is an absolute must for any beat-head.

dot.|maTic: "The City"/"Do Without"/"Look Around" (snippets)

dot.|maTic [MySpace][Record Breakin']
dot.|maTic The City [Amazon]

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