He Didn’t Have To Change At All

Back in 1974, a special aired on ABC entitled Free To Be... You And Me, based on a children's songbook that encouraged individuality and achievement, regardless of background or gender. Diana Ross sang "When We Grow Up" for the recording, but on the televised version it was performed by Michael Jackson and Roberta Flack. It was intended to be a very light-hearted, sweet and empowering segment, but viewed within the context of Michael's development into a more polarizing figure, it reads a little heartbreaking. If no other Michael Jackson clip has brought you to tears since his passing, it might be this one.

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  1. Geez Louise! i had never seen or heard that...oh, poor dear Michael...poor, dear, sweet, beautiful, talented yet tormented Michael! even before his passing, whenever I would see an old picutre of him or hear an old song, I would get a twinge of sadness. I would always wonder if he secretly wished he could have just been Michael Jackson from Gary, IN and not Michael Jackson the King of Pop! But, we'll never know....we can only recognize and celbrate the gift that he was blessed to have and share with the world.....

  2. I remember seeing this clip on some documentary, can't recall which one. Speaks volumes, though.
    And damn, I can see every bit of Janet's facial features from back during the era when she played Penny on Good Times in Michael in this clip.

  3. heartbreaking doesn't even begin to describe this clip, after all that's taken place since last thursday. between phonte's brilliant analysis and this clip here, i can see that i will be in recovery mode for much longer than i had anticipated...

  4. I remember watching this in 4th grade back in 1980!!! OMG thanks for the memories Soulbounce! I am so loving your tributes to MJ!

  5. He really didn't have to change... That's what makes his life & legacy so bittersweet. I'm stopping now before I tear up again.


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