Hot Like Ayah: The Co-Sign


After observing the world, I have this question: Why do people feel the need to follow (no Twitter puns intended) another's lead?

Is it for the sake of world order or is it natural order? It seems like there must always be someone in charge and someone following their lead. We've all been guilty of this in our lives at one point or another, whether we're the leader or the follower.

However, when it comes to music, which should represent individuality and personal taste, I feel as though many people allow themselves to be spoon-fed and easily influenced by propaganda and only take note or lend an ear when a "co-sign" happens.

"Everyone needs a co-sign." I hear it all the time. I've witnessed so many artists, work their butts off for years and only
get recognition the minute someone "important" co-signs them--or never
get any major love because of the lack of one.

So many times, it's easier to sit back and allow ourselves to be
brainwashed by the labels, the media, so-called "tastemakers," certain
blogs (not SoulBounce, of course) and others who have been affected by
the hype. But ask yourself this, are you hype on the hype or
are you hype on real talent? Are you truly a fan of the artist or a fan
of the
excitement and wanna fit in?

It's time for real music lovers to be proactive. Why don't we stand up and say "F*#$ A CO-SIGN!" Let's BE the co-sign!

Stay hot!


2 Responses

  1. Everybody wants to fit in for the most part. Also, society tends to punish or ridicule folks for going against the grain. So if a lot of people are raving about something, many people will go along just because of that. I can honestly say I'm a fan of the artists I follow. I'm not gonna co-sign something just because everybody else is.

  2. This is very true especially being a Dj in todays society. The music that is prevalent depends on who is approving it.Many people psyche thereselves in to believing they like something when they know they dont. People are becoming complacent with this follow the leader era of technology distribution. "He say, she say, then it must be cool to do" ......DO YOU!........
    Great blog Ayah!! Kudos!