Hot Like Ayah: To Sign Or Not To Sign


To sign or not to sign...

That is the question. I just got off the phone with DJ Jazzy Jeff, and I can always count on him to leave me pondering something.

I have been asked this question over again: Do I want to sign to a
major label? Well, I'll take and I enjoy my freedom, but does that freedom come at the cost of never
achieving the great exposure or the money machine that a major can offer?

Wait! We're in 2009 and in this day and age it's possible to achieve
both. Granted, one has to spend a lot of time learning the business,
surrounding oneself around the right people, and putting in the money
necessary for the whole plan. But it can be done.

I've never been one to obey authority or not question what others have
said to or advised me, so why would that change now? Something to
think about...don't you think?

Stay hot!
Ayah 🙂

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    First good luck in making your decision..I do agree that it is possible, but of course anything is in my book =). What you mentioned about learning the business and surrounding yourself with good folks really go hand in hand, and I think so many folks out here take that for granted. They see dollar signs and think they'll somehow escape the industry pitfalls because of their talent. There's countless acts who got gobbled up before they really got a shot, because they knew squat about what they were getting into and their careers were horribly mismanaged. But if you put in the work I think it's worth a shot. Plus who's to say you have to stay on a major label your entire career? But to be truthful, many of the artists I respect and support the most aren't necessarily on major labels anyway..I like artists more when they love what they do versus doing it for a paycheck. It shows in the music.

  2. The music game has officially changed, unless you're a white rapper or a pop band posing as a rap group (Black Eye Pea's) the days of getting major sells or paper from a large label are over. Going indie, staying on the road touring, or bullshit ringtone sells is how you get your paper.

  3. Well i definitely feel where you're coming from with this , I guess It would really depend on the place and kind of deal that is being formulated. If you can be signed with majority of the control over your career with consultancy from the label then that would be great.
    If you sat down in the meetings when they are figuring out how to market,brand and promote you, then it will be worth it. But you also have to look at what you can do yourself with your resources and connections, and what exactly you need from the label to make your career better. Granted the label might have the capability to do whatever it is faster ... but can they do it better and with as much integrity as you initially envisioned.
    Its no secret this situation needs a good sit down and a lot of thought process. But i think either way you'll be fine because it seems you have a mind that strives and works hard for success.
    God Bless
    ~Vibes `emouvants