House Puts A Shoe in Charles Hamilton’s A$$

As many of you know by now, Charles Hamilton is unable to list J Dilla as Executive Producer of his forthcoming album. You know, the free one from which he would donate proceeds to the non-existent J Dilla Foundation. One of the main people behind obliterating Sonic's plan was Detroit's own DJ House Shoes, who has a solid and well-known connection to Dilla. (Not for nothing, but Sonic admitted to not knowing who House Shoes is, which is like a Biggie or Big Daddy Kane fan not knowing who Mister Cee is.) House Shoes promised to make a video addressing the matter, and yesterday the long-awaited video surfaced. Hopefully now, things will get back to normal. In the meantime, enjoy this. And this.


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3 Responses

  1. LOL! These kids want us to "stop hating" when they don't even respect the game. Bravo House Shoes!

  2. He has been bothering the shit out of me since the Black Spade incident. How you gon steal someone's song, insult them because of YOUR OWN IGNORANCE, and then TO THIS DAY, not apologize for it? THEN he has the nerve to put Dilla Dawg as his EP when he doesn't understand what an EP is, hence him being forced to take that shit down. I dont understand why he feels the need to disrespect everyone because he doesn't understand or know what he himself is doing. He doesn't know who House Shoes is, he doesn't know Busta and Dilla's relationship, he for damn sure doesn't know a Yancey, and he's REAL unfamiliar with Dilla's work. He's pissing me off with all this nonsense. Just shut up and listen negro, because you don't understand what you're doing. If you want to help, set that shit up yourself and don't try and make a publicity stunt out of a bad legal situation which is Dilla's work and his mother's financial situation. Then he's got the nerve to try and compare his situation to lemme stop, I'm getting high blood pressure just typing.

  3. Any publicity is good publicity?