How NOT To Keep The Public Out of Your Business

nas-and-kelis.jpgIt was dismaying to learn that Nas and Kelis, two artists we have an affinity for, were getting a divorce, especially with Kelis in the latter part of her pregnancy. We understand her anger and frustration because of the circumstances, but we have to wonder if she's helping matters by going into extreme public detail about that which she is owed. We cannot, from where we sit, determine what is fair and what isn't fair, since we do not partake in that lifestyle or situation.

However, when she goes through great pains to point out that the lifestyle to which she's become accustomed not only includes "5 homes, fly[ing] first class, go[ing] to fancy restaurants" but her "nine-carat cushion-cut diamond solitaire" engagement ring, and her numerous name brand watches--"Cartier, Rolex, Frank Muller and Chopard", it becomes increasingly difficult to side with her. Granted, if these items were given to her then they are indeed her property, and she has every right to demand them as part of her settlement. But currying public favor, when the public is largely working class and can only afford to dream of Cartier in these tough economical times, may involve a slight shard of silence to the press. Especially when such public declarations have been known to taint, delay, and influence legal proceedings.


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  1. So lemme get this straight, in addition to spousal and child support and an in-home nurse, Kelis wants $20,000 for strollers, cribs and other baby supplies? Nas better get her ass a Walmart gift card and call it a day. Sams or Costco, anyone? Buy bulk!

  2. WTF? How is she broke? Has she spent up all of her own money? Give me a damn break. These celebs get on my nerves with their dramatics. And even if it were true, how stupid is it to have your "survival" dependent on someone else. Idiot. She's making herself look like a fool.
    Btw, I think the media just pulled everything they could off the legal papers. Legal papers are supposed to go into extreme detail.

  3. Am I the only one going WTF???? Nas has THAT much paper???? has he sold THAT many albums?? If he didnt have a prenup, he's got major problems, doesnt help that they officially live in California, where Kells filed for divorce. Cali has that split assets law, Kells is entitled to half. Golddigger or not she is about to get broke off something lovely. The only good news for Nas? Jay-Z and used condoms arent involved:)

  4. @stoneyisland: That's what I'm saying. Nas is not that papered up! As crazy as it sounds, Soulja Boy probably has more ends than Nas right now.

  5. I really wish she hadn't done this. I know she's trying to "shame" Nas into providing support, but it's best to let the legal system handle this and keep the public out of your business as much as possible.
    This is going to turn into a bigger mess than it already is and Kelis will probably end up looking the worst for it.

  6. NAs has money her has been in the gamre since what 94 and all his albums have been certified except maybe the last one and up until then most of his albums did hit a million plus. Kelis should have money even though she wasnt a hit here in the US she killed overseas.

  7. Uhh, I don't think ANY of us should speak on how much money Nasir Jones has.
    But I will say, that even though I will probably always look at Nas as one of my top 3 all-time favorite rappers, and '02-'05 Kelis as one of the flyest women on this planet, neither one of them strike me as the type to think the sky is blue, or water is actually "wt," knowwhatimsayin?

  8. Nas as Sincere: "Yo T, I think we oughta move to Africa."
    T-Boz as Tionne: "I'on know. Africa is far.

  9. @chynadoll
    She is letting the legal system handle it. That's why she filed those papers. When things go downhill, people are always running to court because one or both parties can't be fair or objective. As for shaming Nas now, she should have put more thought into his character before she married him.

  10. @Faith
    When I say, "let the legal system handle it", I mean keep your(Kelis') mouth shut. Kelis filed the papers now she needs to let due process take its course. She and her attorney don't need to make statements to the press trying to "shame" Nas into his parental responsibilites.
    Whatever she has to say she needs to say it to Nas. If he doesn't want to listen, then say it to the judge and let them decide what's fair and rightfully hers.
    I understand that she is hurt and probably afraid about what the future holds, but...this just isn't the best way to handle it.

  11. @Chynadoll
    Oh, ok. I didn't get that vibe from the article. It seemed to me they we quoting what was on the papers that she filed. However, if she released a statement to the press, I agree that was very bad judgment.

  12. @Faith
    I stand corrected. They were declarations from the court papers. Nothing is hidden from TMZ. *sigh*

  13. @chynadoll, @faith: Faith is absolutely correct. In my haste writing this, I failed to make the distinction although I read the TMZ report three times. The concern here is that the quote is from her statement and reads like a narrative, rather than a basic, official itemization (which will come later), and the detailing of those items does not help further the case of her "survival". It is, indeed, TMZ who should shut up.