Maxwell Covers ‘Billboard’

Gasp. Swoon. Rinse. Repeat. Maxwell, in all of his glorious glory, covers the June 27th edition of Billboard magazine as his long-awaited return BLACKsummers'night hits stores in a couple weeks. Between the action shot of Max channeling Smokey, Sam, Marvin and Teddy on stage to the tantalizing headline on the cover, there is so much win to be had here. The interview, conducted by Mariel Concepcion, promises to be a revealing look at the once-guarded soul singer. Check out some choice quotes from the feature after the bounce and pick up your copy of Maxwell on Billboard before they sell out. Good looking out to Lex at STR8NYC for the heads up on this.

Maxwell on what took him so long to get back in the game:

"Up to that point I'd been on the road and didn't have a chance to really live. But I write about real life experiences, so it just felt like I had to sit back and let these experiences happen and inspire me all over again."

"People ask, 'Why so long?' and I say, 'It's easier to take something that's of the moment, but so much harder to say something
that will resonate today, tomorrow and for all times.' I want my music to last forever. I never want my music to be dated."

Maxwell on Miss "Pretty Wings":

"I met this girl who I still respect very much, and although it didn't work out, I got lots of inspiration from it. This track speaks of my time with her."

Maxwell on the anxiety behind his 2008 comeback tour:

"I'm not going to bullshit you--I was scared. You never know how people will feel. And if only 10 people would've been interested, I would've been disappointed, but I wouldn't have been surprised," he says of touring last year. "It was such a validation and proved to me that my work in the past was worth something. I can't tell you how validating it is for me to be able to say that I was gone for seven years but I was never gone in people's minds and hearts."

Maxwell on the BLACKsummers'night thrillogy:

" 'BLACK' is darker. It has a bluesier side and features more despondent records. It speaks plenty to love lost." BlackSUMMER'Snight,"
the second installment of the trilogy to be released in 2010, has more of a gospel feel. "It's lighter. It's gospel music for the common person that wouldn't naturally get involved with that type of music. Hopefully they'll get down with it now," he says. And, finally, "Blacksummer'sNIGHT," the third set with an anticipated 2011 release, is "straight-up slow jam records."

Is it July 7th yet?

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  1. Maxiepoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dayuum! I see this blog is run by MaxFiends. I love Max too, but good God. He's back people! Breathe and CALM DOWN. There really isn't any info in here we haven't seen before.

  3. I can't tell you how happy I am that Maxwell is back!!!!

  4. faith - and?
    we cover what we like as well as what our audience has a large response to. you are really in no position to say what info others have seen or not. so...later for that.

  5. love it. and i can't wait i'm so pre-orderring on itune and i might just cop a hard copy too.

  6. Can't wait for 7/7 album release. 7/21 concert...loving the 5 days of black preview...I'm no Max overload.
    And Faith- you don't have to be a Max FIEND to appreciate the fact that a true talent who has been off the scene for more than a minute is back with some REAL music that we can sink our teeth into.

  7. I cant even speak on how much I am excited for his album to come out. Bad Habit is in STEADY, CONSTANT,ALL THE TIME rotation right now...OMG I LOOOOOVE me some MAXWELL!!!!

  8. @Faith:
    Proud Member of the MaxFiend Club since '99. (I was a little late)

  9. Tired of the Maxwell coverage already?The cd hasnt even been out..imagine the video's,interviews,concert reviews..and then 2010 and 2011 the same-->sounds divine to me 🙂 soulbounce please do continue cause most other blogs out there don't pay that much attention to Maxwell.

  10. To all the Fiends, whether you write here or not:
    I stand by what I said. This was a waste of a blog. Max has spoken about these things in other interviews. And as Aida pointed out, the CD aint even dropped yet. (My point exactly, btw) Next you'll be blogging about Max getting a hangnail. That's my opinion. You aint gotta agree, but I'm gonna say what's on MY mind just like the rest of you.

  11. I'm crackin' up. Funny thread. Glad he's back and I can't WAIT for the HANGNAIL post. LMAO! Keep on doin' your thing Soulbounce. After a 7 year hiatus, I can't hear enough.

  12. I think this calls for a Maxwell week on SB.
    Post so much that we all o.d. on Maxwell from now until July 7th!!!

  13. @faith he is coming with an album and he is on the cover of the most important music chart magazine..its not like they posted candids of him or whtvr..imo it doesnt make sense what u said and u sound bitter for no reason. But like u said,everybody can say what they want,

  14. Oh boy. Oy.
    Yes, Faith, you are correct. I have seen these same words quoted that Maxwell has spoken earlier last week in fact. So, I see your point.
    That being said, everyone does have a right to say what they want to say as long as it's constructive. So, it's nice to see that most of us gals have kept our wits about us LOL
    Additionally, saying this post was a "waste" IS a little harsh and is going to ruffle some feathers. After all, not everyone has seen these same quotes that Maxwell said. And Maxwell fiends feed on the blood of those who do not steadfastly adore, love, and would compromise themselves for him.
    Let's just all collectively sit on our hands, hold our corners, and keep it clean.
    Only 18 more days...

  15. ZOMG! They put the "7 Year Itch" next to his crotch. Come on now.... Just Kidding! I love me some Maxwell with his fione behind.

  16. I love Maxwell's music!! I didn't hear him speak until 2008..but have followed the music since 1996. Now I'm hopping on planes to catch him and his band rock/shock venues.. Great musician..great musician!!

  17. @ill Mami: There was a point in time where a comment like Faith's would've drawn my ire, but she's increased the level of participation (clicks) by weighing in. So God bless her. I can't wait for her next comment.

  18. @ill Mami
    I appreciate your objectivity in seeing things from both perspectives. Yes, I can be rather blunt and straightforward. Most folks seem to have glossed right over me saying I love Max too. But I do stop short of compromise so if the fiends are out for blood because of that, that's their issue. I'll still weigh in honestly, regardless of the topic.

  19. Much of the media coverage of Maxwells new album is related simply to the fact that he has been gone for 7 years, rather than the actual music to come. I really hope this is a good and successful album, because I dont imagine there will be so much fanfare for the next couple of instillations without that "novelty", if you will.

  20. @Faith:
    You surrounded your "I Love Max too" with so much negativity(or bluntness as you call it) that the LOVE part kinda got lost in translation.
    And really nothing about your original comment was "blunt or straightforward" was demanding. You were basically trying to tell SB what is or is not an acceptable post. And telling them and the rest of us how WE should feel about Maxwell's return("CALM DOWN. BREATHE"). You don't get to tell other people how to feel about something or somebody. And you definitely don't get to tell SB what to post.
    If YOU aren't excited or are a little lukewarm about Max's be it. That's YOU. YOU.

  21. I agree with anon:
    "Much of the media coverage of Maxwells new album is related simply to the fact that he has been gone for 7 years, rather than the actual music to come. I really hope this is a good and successful album..."
    Me too.
    *waiting for the stans' claws & fangs to emerge* LOL

  22. @anon: "Much of the media coverage of Maxwells new album is related simply to the fact that he has been gone for 7 years"
    Agreed. And I might add, trying to find out (the media) who "Pretty Wings" is about.
    I think the fascination w/ his 7yr absence has to do with the fact that people(the media) just can't believe someone who was in his position 7 years ago would just walk away to be a "regular person". Especially in this "American Idol" type society we live in now.
    And I don't know if his PR team can do a better job of steering the media interest more towards the music, since I just got an email LAST WEEK from Columbia telling me to make sure and catch the "Pretty Wings" video...that came out on April 28th! What?!?!

  23. @chynadoll
    This is a blog and everyone is not always gonna agree. That should be obvious. Furthermore, I don't care if you liked my comments, style, opinion or anything else. I said what I wanted to say just like everyone else. And if I don't get to tell folks anything then YOU don't get to tell me what I need to tell or not tell folks. See how THAT works? Exactly! Doesn't work at all for a BLOG which is designed for DISCUSSION. And its hilarious how I don't get to tell SB what to post when you yourself petitioned for a week of Maxwell. PRICELESS.
    If you are STILL sweating what I said, how I said it or WHATEVER, that's YOU. This aint a kiddie blog. Some folks need to get rid of the Pull-Ups and try on the big girl underwear. You would be one, in MY opinion.
    Bottom line: You and others aren't happy with my comments on this piece. Got it. And life goes on .........

  24. Hi Faith. I think what chynadoll was getting at is that, although you are entitled to your opinion and we've created a space where you can share one, we're not entirely sure what you believe is to be gained from leaving such comments. So I wouldn't say this blog is run by a bunch of Maxwell fiends so much as it's run by a group of people whose output isn't particularly influenced by what you have to say. Butta has written a great deal of Maxwell content and in your opinion some of it may be redundant, but she is also a founding editor of this site. The people that write for SB contribute more than blog posts. We deal with tech issues. We design. We pay the bills. Etc. If there is any discussion as to what is a waste, or what we should write or not write, it will not be held in a public forum. And those matters will be decided upon by the individuals that have contributed more to this website than an opinion. Hope that helps.

  25. @Nova
    What is to be gained is me expressing my opinion. If you aren't concerned about what your followers think about the blog, so be it. And if this is not be discussed in a public forum, that should have been said to me INITIALLY (by said founders or whatnot) instead of the childish responses delivered by huny and butta. So it appears to me that you have now gotten your desired number of "hits" or "clicks" and so NOW things are not to be discussed in public. Umm hmm. Yeah, I got that too.

  26. I actually think Huny's response was to the effect of what I said here, although her wording may not have been to your liking. But once again, she's in a position to administer the site and the course of conversation in a manner that she sees fit, as am I. What should have been said to you initially was already said. Although we don't consider your personal gratification to be a common objective for our website, I do hope that you continue to weigh in on topics you don't take exception to with the same passion as those you do. God bless.

  27. @Faith
    I read your last comment addressed to me. I'm choosing not to respond in detail because it's a non-factor to me at this point. So, I'll just say this...ditto what nOva said.

  28. @Nova
    "Although we don't consider your personal gratification to be a common objective for our website, I do hope that you continue to weigh in on topics you don't take exception to with the same passion as those you do."
    LOL! Oh, I'm sure you do.

  29. Phew ... 1st the Total post causing a little 'discussion' and now this. Must have been a little somethin in the air the last few days. While I don't wanna weigh in on the issue, here's my opinion:
    This is a blog, set up by a number of music enthusiasts (read *obsessives* lol) to share THEIR opinion on music! END OF. What visitors make of the content is neither here nor there. When you contribute financially/artistically then you can determine content, until then ... start your own blog!
    On the Maxwell issue ... I'm not a 'stan' but I appreciate the guys music and am more than happy to be updated on his music/where he's been/what he had for breakfast ... if you dont wanna know dont read the post!!

  30. I WILL be buying this album June 7. Finally an artist to be really excited about!!

  31. I was not impressed by the "Pretty Wings" video, in fact it sort of ruined the image of the song I had in my mind. In my minds view I pictured the artist-Maxwell- to be more suave and debonair than the typical bed hopping images portrayed. I honestly could not understand why his handlers did not release "Bad Habits" first -seeing how the audience responded.
    Since then I've had an opportunity to preview Cold, Help Somebody , and other songs on his new cd. Thus far I have enjoyed what I've heard and have pre ordered 2 and will order 2 more. My friends and I give them as gifts. while keeping at least 2 for ourselves.
    I say all of this to encourage the artist not to forget his first audience, because we have disposable income, will buy many of your cd's including the old ones, and when we come to your concerts we will bring our husbands, friends, and boyfriends and spend money while there.
    I can't wait for your new video featuring a 30+ sweetie.
    Thank you SB staff.

  32. I am really feelin the new material by Maxwell...can't wait for July 7 for his album and Aug 4 for K'Jon's album. Honestly, K'Jon reminds me alot of Maxwell in terms how they songs make you feel...if yall don't know K'Jon he sings that song On The Ocean. Check his music out @

  33. hellooooooooo

  34. This look interesting,so far.
    If there's anyone else here, let me know.
    Oh, and yes I'm a real person LOL.

  35. Need help find this track

  36. Your silence gives consent.

  37. I just want too take some time too Thank everyone for doing what you do and making the community what it is im a long time reader and first time poster so i just wanted to say thanks.

  38. "The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing." - Albert Einstein !
    what is the point of this quote ?