Maxwell’s ‘Bad Habits’


The BLACKsummers'night era officially descends upon us July 7th, but in the meantime Maxwell has released a second single from the highly-anticipated album. "Bad Habits" is classic Maxwell; a smooth orchestral groove that begins with that signature tender falsetto and builds into a funky, velvety bassline, boastful horns, and Maxwell's full confident alto. "I feel you from the floor to the ceiling"...goodness me.

Additionally, pre-ordering BLACKsummers'night on iTunes will get you the "Pretty Wings" video, a making-of featurette entitled "5 Days of BLACK," and a bonus track, "Pretty Wings (Remix)." I can clap to that.

Maxwell: "Bad Habits"


Pre-order BLACKsummers'night (Deluxe Version) [iTunes]

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  2. This is panty remover music right here......................this some of that take off from work afternoon sex sh** I tease the brother a lot but I am definately copping this joint when it drops!!!!

  3. Love. this. song!! So smooth, so sexy; it's classic Max.
    And that single cover? Hotness. *swoon*
    27 days until 7/7/09...

  4. I'm loving every bit of this song, I can't say the same thing for 'Pretty Wings'. This is some classic Maxwell ‹em›sh*T‹/em›

  5. Had this song on a loop since last night.

  6. "...make me crazy...don't speak no sound....i want you to prove it to me in the nude...addicted to the way u move..." (have MERCY!!!) Maxwell is 2 for 2...can't wait for the cd to drop! And the instrumentation is pure FIYAH!

  7. This song should have been Maxwell's first release. It has all of the passion and heat of Maxwell 1 but with the cultivated taste of a refined, cultivated man.
    (Do not like Pretty Wings!)

  8. This man does it to me every.single.time.
    It is dripping with sensuality. Just scorching.
    Pre-order already done girl.

  9. I'll admit "Pretty Wings" had me second guessing this new album, but I've never been extremely fond of the songs he releases as singles. This one has me SOLD! Let the countdown begin...

  10. AAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaa!
    I'm so excited I feel like I might every way.

  11. I'm not surprised he decided to release this track. This song received a lot of love from the audience during his last tour. It sounds even better live!

  12. Why is this song so addictive? Heavens knows this could follow Marvin's I want you ANYTIME! FIYAH! July 7th is going to be on point. This is a great song. Something for the hot black summers' night! Ok Maxwell you got me groovin unashamed!

  13. He done changed it. It's not like it was live in Vegas. It was more uptempo I think. I liked it better live. Dammit Max.

  14. I'm surprised at how many people don't like pretty wings. I love that song. yall crazy.
    and I agree, A & faith, bad habits was incredible live. he changed the arrangement around a lot since then.

  15. He can sing the entire alphabets and I'll buy the record, with his fine a$$ 🙂

  16. Hey! I found this really great contest—the prize is a flyaway trip to New York to see a live intimate performance of Maxwell in July!!! The winner gets 2 tickets to the show, 2 passes to meet Maxwell, and free airfare & hotel accommodations. How awesome is that?! I’m so excited Maxwell is back—R&B just wasn’t the same without him. This is the perfect way to start his comeback! You guys can enter the contest here:

  17. Now I like this! Wasn't feeling Pretty Wings at all. There is hope.

  18. I will be camped outside the store on July 7th to buy this Album! I am obsessed with this song!

  19. Will I forgive you? Oh, Maxwell I would do more than that for you for days! This song is incredible. I don't get the hate on Pretty Wings either but whatev I'll be camped out July 7th too!

  20. Avatar

    Hmmmmm never was into this guy, only knew the singles. His mid voice always reminded me of Eric B, (the guy who lost Ms. Berry).
    This is a nice song though, sounds like something he took a lot of time on. So i'm happy for his fans

  21. I can't wait til his concert in Chi Town this Friday!!!

  22. I saw this song on youtube with a couple of live performances. I realllly like those better than this radio-version. Darn it. It is still a good song I just wish I can get a hold of the live versions.

  23. Your new album is awesome!!
    Trisha from VA

  24. ur sexy i fuckin love bad habbits!!! and the music video......... o boy!! keep it upp yooh da fuckin best!!!


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