Morning Soul: Gonna Find You And Make You Want Me

3 Responses

  1. I gave up on Pepa and Chilli a long time ago.

  2. I'm excited about seeing the new Mariah video; it looks like its gonna be hilarious. I hate when people say that she is the one obsessed with Eminem for writing a song about him. Eminem can talk about any and everyone in his songs and poke fun at them but they can't say anything back????? If its all harmless fun and jokes then he should be able to take it as well as he can dish it.

  3. I love those MJ covers--especially "Human Nature" done by Alicia Keys with an orchestra!!! Why the hell wasn't that on the BET Awards?! Alicia would've smashed every so-called "tribute" that night with that rendition. Simply beautiful!
    The site overlooked Dwele's vibe-a-licious version of "Wanna Be Starting Something" though. In the end, I guess you can't totally blame them. Next to James Brown & Stevie Wonder, MJ is one of the most sampled and/or covered artists in history.


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