Nike’s New Commercial Makes Us Say ‘What the Yeezy?’

I love sneakers. It's just that, upon first glance at the just-in-time-for-summer, new full length spec for the new Nike/Kanye West collaboration, the Air Yeezy, I realize that I don't love these sneakers. The collection, which features five different color patterns, has been officially available since April 4th, but Nike has been promoting it since late last year. If it were up to me, they'd probably stay on the store shelves, but I'm an old school, Air Force One kinda dude anyway. Check the futuristic, Kanye-esque clip below and tell us what you think. Are the Yeezys hot? Or not?

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3 Responses

  1. I'mma have to give both the sneakers and commercial a big thumbs down. Not feelin' the Mad Max in Morpheus' coat meets Close Encounters theme.

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    a huge NOT. I'm a big sneaker fan too, but those sneakers are hideous. It's sad how much $$ folks are dropping for them--deep down they know the sneakers are ugly too lol

  3. I Think its pretty dope. Reminds me of terminator