The Top 10 Reasons Why The BET Awards Made Me Want To Vomit

jamie_betaw09.jpgI know I am very hard on REGGINS (If you don't know what a Reggin is, spell if backwards), but there is a war going on outside between intelligent, educated, driven Black Americans. BET is a Reggin's greatest weapon in their war on intelligence.

The only reason that I watched this BET Crap is because of the tribute to Michael, which is all Buffoon Entertainment Television has been bragging on since Michael went into a coma! So needless to say BET struck a mighty blow for COONERY! So in order to try and fire back, I proudly present the Top 10 Reasons the BET Awards Made Me Want To Vomit:

10. The muth@$#% sound man: How in the world do you leave a night dedicated to (arguably) the greatest musician of the past 40 years up to someone who obviously took a correspondence course and got a D- in turning up microphone volume. Some of these performances sounded incredible to my imagination because I had to strain to hear them.

9. T-Pain: I don't even know where to begin. This reincarnation of Stepin Fetchit not only embarassed all of us by that waste of precious metal he calls his "BIG ASS CHAIN". Yes I know it's his money, but there's a time and a place for everything, and (I know it was BET) this wasn't it. He had a great-looking Michael shirt on that no one could see because it was eclipsed by his coon medallion. Then, to add insult to injury, when accepting an award, this buffoon decided to drink out of a plastic red cup. REALLY?!? How classless.

8. Zoe Saldana: Why in the world would you go out to present an award with the legendary Nichelle Nichols (The Original "Uhura") from Star Trek and embarrass the very legend who paved for you by telling the WORLD that Nichelle is in the restroom? That was so classless and unladylike. Yes Zoe, you can STILL GET IT, but you need some etiquette lessons.

7. Soulja Boy: No I didn't expect him to pay tribute to Michael Jackson, nor did I expect him to be able to SPELL Michael Jackson, but the performance was lackluster at best. Not unlike the Reggins, the use of pyro didn't distract me from how much you sucked.

6. Tiny and Toya: This is why I stopped watching Bamboozled Entertainment Television in the first place. All you have to do to be a success is let a a rapper get you pregnant and you get a reality show? Way to go BET! This is going to set us back 350 years.

5. Frankie and Neffie: See Number 6, except for the fact that instead of having a baby by a rapper, One is the crack addicted mother of a lackluster (although good-looking-in-a-hoodrat-sort-of-way) R&B singer and the other is a sister who is the Black version of Khloe Kardashian - sort of looks like the chick you wanna bang but she got the shallow end of the gene pool! Horrible!

4.The Censors: These idiots couldn't bleep their way out of a wet paper bag! I counted 2 sh*ts and they beeped out h*? SMDH.

3. Debra Lee: The New head of BET is such a pioneer! No one thought that BET could sink any lower than Bob Johnson's level of coonery and you proved us all wrong! Moron! I bet you think you've done something substantial, but you have only managed to embarrass us on an international stage due to the fact that CNN has been covering this abomination!

2.The Pay It Off Show: Another attempt to bamboozle Black people. Whatever you do in BET programming, don't encourage or empower black folks to get out of debt, just have a game show and give false hope to millions! Way to go!

1. Tiny again: You tarnished T.I.'s Viewers Choice Award by accepting it in his honor with ur broken english and off the rack House Of Dereon dress. Again I encourage you to see reason #6.

Honorable (Vomitable) Mentions:

The Baby boy skit: It was funny for the first two minutes! Was Ving Rhames really drunk? Sad.

Drake's performance of "Every Girl In The World": This was okay until they brought those little girls onstage! How Canadian and pedophile-like of you. We tolerated that nonsense with R. Kelly and he's a musical genius. You're a flash-in-the-pan for now. While you're at it, I know these coons don't expect much of a performance but you could have at least gotten out of your seat. Especially since you've been playing a kid in a wheelchair for years.

Joe Jackson during the pre-show, you were an opportunist, plugging a new record label and YOUR CHILD'S BODY ISN'T IN THE GROUND YET! You, sir, disgust me more than the collective casts of all 800 seasons of College Hill. You should be ashamed!


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  1. I thought me and my family were the only ones who said reggins, ha

  2. I heard Drake tore his ACL. The Joe Jackson interview was conducted by CNN. BET failed to get the best interview of the night. Pathetic!

  3. This article was so unnecessary!! I love Soulbounce, but sometimes you guys come off as whining, pedant scholars who know it all. I must say that I agree with a lot that is said in this article, I myself have low apprecation for BET, but can't you for once focus on the positive? What about Maxwell, what about Alicia speaking the truth? Or Janet appearing on stage! You're talking about your own and calling them "reggins" because you know better??? Damn!
    And did I just read "How Canadian and pedophile-like of you"? I'm French Canadian and I think that was a really tasteless choice of words.

  4. Yes, the great minstrel show is alive and well! I felt my brain cells dying with every hour that passed from watching last night's award show. My ancestors were definitely shaking their heads at me for succumbing to the bullsh*t that is BET.

  5. You hit every single nail on the head that my husband and I discussed last night. Every one. Except, I missed Joe Jackson during the pre-show and apparently missed one of the nicer moments by turning the TV off before Janet spoke - which the local radio stations considered poignant.
    The new shows BET plugged became more and more ridiculous as the night wore on. As far as Tiny and whateverhernameis, I've been shaking my head at that train wreck since I saw the first promo. That little nugget we can't simply blame on BET - that's our society living by the mantra "money begets money." If you got it, you get more even if it means being a hot ghetto mess.

  6. AMEN!
    I watch this sham of an awards show every year (btw, Lebron, how many rings do you have?) and the one year you actually expect something phenomenal from them, they...
    Well, they do what they always do. They disappoint.

  7. I was definitely tweeting about Drake's non-performance during the Awards ceremony but I found out later that he'd actually torn his ACL during a b-ball game, so I'll cut him some slack.

  8. I STILL don't know why people waste their time on BET. STOP THE MADNESS.

  9. Let's not forget Alicia Keys telling us to text 90999 and donate $5 how tacky!

  10. Dead on. Everything mentioned from the Brokedown Palaces known as "Frankie and Neffie/Tiny and Toya" to T-Pain's ignorant existence embodies my loathing of the channel's desire to promote these abominations. Clearly, everyone seems to let it slide as it seems, everyone has an opinion, but nobody has challenged the channel at all. But I guess that's a bigger problem than most of us can handle.
    As for last night, when Ving Rhames compared Michael Jackson to guns I was a fried and charred disrespectful and just plain stupid and clearly his attitude summed up the night of how ignorant and selfish that almost everyone in attendance was. And shame on me for being led into that garbage by way of MJ tribute chatter. BET, I give them this, they have some great PR people, because they duped everyone into watching last night.

  11. I LOVED SoulBounce last night. You made kept me from crying at the nonsense.
    I'm mad at this article because it reminded me of things I REALLY wanted to forget...Pay it Off...SMH...

  12. OMG! i see im not alone you are so right about everyting an jo jackson, i just have no words!

  13. Wow.... some harsh words. On the Tiny and Toya comment I agree. For all of the other comments, I sort of agree but you have to remember the whole show was done over at the last minute. If you watched CNN today, Joe Jackson explained the record company idea. It wasn't a shameless plug. Hde explained that it was Michaels plan to have the new record label in order to help under priviledged kids. Get the facts before u assume certain things. Everything is not always what it seems.

  14. I didn't watch the whole show but the people in charge of the censoring was ridiculous. Wasn't the show on delay so they could get it together? Anyway, Drake had a reason for seating during his performance, he tore his acl. Keith Sweat should have practiced more, as well as Aaron Hall. I can't say much about New Edition because I'm pretty sure they performance was put together at the last minute.

  15. I meant to say *their*

  16. Sadly, this was so on point. I would like to mention though, that there were a few shining moments IMO. Namely, Tevin Campbell coming out of the woodwork, Tyrese, Johnny Gill, and Trey Songz (he can actually sing- wow?!), the actaul O'Jays (their singing, not their talking), NE's opening, and of course MAXWELL. And, Janet...

  17. You are absolutely right on point. This BET awards was a total DISGRACE. Yes Michael Jackson paved the way for some talented artist. Instead BET should have kept the tribute for the OJays.

  18. I agree with your comments. I watched the show because of the Michael Jackson tribute theme and CNN had advertised the show as such all afternoon. I unbelieveably watched the entire show, much of the time in dismay. Though I find Jamie Fox to be entertaining and talented, I liked the opening number and the duet, it was just a little too much Jamie and not enough Michael. I was completely embarrassed by the "Michael Jackson is guns, BET is guns" I guess I just didn't get it, but then again, I'm not even one little bit Gangsta (though neither was Michael.)

  19. I love Soulbounce but you guys do come off like you think you're better than others a lot of the times. Sure the show had its hot mess moments but what show doesn't. Take it easy.
    To jazzyjay:
    Don't let them bully you into correct english!

  20. I havent watched BET in a minute, but I gave them a chance to pull it off. It was almost a total D-Lister snooze fest. The performers were so random. I think my old freshman 101 production class must have been directing the show. And can someone tell me why Michael Jackson at 9 years old could sing better than damn near all those grown ass people?

  21. I think the number 2 reason should be that they didn't allow Chris Brown to perform when, clearly, he is one of the best performers out there, as far as Song & Dance goes.

  22. This was pretty darn funny. The Tiny thing had me WEAK. Yeah, this was a pretty terrible show, I only watched to see what they were going to do for MJ, and they did nothong really. I do think The O'Jays tribute and performance was nice. Keyshia & Monica were decent, as was Ciara surprisingly. Ne-Yo was okay when behaving, Maxwell good, BBD decent. Janet of course made it work and made it sincere. Cool post.-QH

  23. damn hater, do you need a hug? this was a hella funny read, but most of the points were totally expected. pithy points at best. joe jackson an evil oppourtunist? since when? he seemed so cliff huxtable. Popular Artists can't sing? Alert the media! BET gives the people what they want. Take this bull to TV-One!

  24. LOL Reggins. If you're going to call someone a Nigger, at least have the balls to say it. Don't be a weasel. Whoa a Nigger called us Niggers. So educated and clever, my mind is blown *eye roll*

  25. Thank You, SoulBounce for echoing my sentiments. I was totally disappointed in our people's behavior (conduct). MJ deserved so much better but as the saying goes "you can dress us up but you can't take us out". I hope that Cathy Hughes and TVOne takes last minutes show as a lesson learn and honor MJ with the dignity and respect that he deserves.

  26. i'm gonna have to agree with Rae's comment about Drake and your poor taste in words. what does any of his performance have to do with him being Canadian? if anything, the poor taste came from Lil Wayne, seeing as to how those were (from what i hear) his daughter and her friends. point your finger at lil' wayne instead of drake.
    i didn't see any of the awards save for the humanitarian awards (Wyclef's speech was nice; big ups to my fellow Haitians out there), Maxwell's performance and everything afterwards, but from what i'm reading from various twitter pages and blogs, i didn't miss much.
    ironically, the last BET awards i watched was when MJ surprised James Brown back in '03 i believe.

  27. Debra Lee is a lie talmbout they revamped the whole show into a MJ tribute. In what way? the clips & Jamie's wardrobe?!?
    However, there were some good moments...

  28. Does anyone have Ruben Studdard's phone number? Perhaps he can re-work "Sorry 2004" into a proper apology for the ABOMINATION BET aired last nite. Sumthin like "Sorry 2009 AND 2010," cuz Lil Wayne alone was a 2-year offense. May BET "prez" Debra Lee and "mc" Jamie Foxx experience the pain Janet Jackson did when she saw ig'nant Joe muggin on TV, PIMPIN A NEW LABEL!! and she hd to rush down there to restore family DIGNITY!!!
    This Top 10 List rightly began with the sound man. Had it been the Source Awards, they wudda busted a cap up at the audio booth.
    Next best response wuz quoted on Jack & Jill blogsite:

  29. Alright, here I go...
    Joe Jackson - even though his stance was explained this morning, there is a time and a place. That wasn't it. And I'm sorry, he looked like he was missing a drink in hand and cigar in mouth *eye roll*
    BET - there were a few glimmers of light, but it was horrible, no question about it. Knowing full well that something of decent proportions couldn't be mustered up by them, they should have known better to even put MJ's name in the same line as their show. Done deal.
    And I have to comment about the Canadian quip - Drake is half Canadian and half American. "How Canadian of you" ? Love y'all, but you all do some dumb 'ish too! Wasn't just Drake on that stage was there? And what where we expecting anyway?

  30. I don't really get the Canadian jab either, but LOL @ the rest!

  31. I'm in total aggrement with your article! The show was very dissapointing on so many levels! BET had the opportunity to do a tribute for Michael Jackson that would've been historic, setting the standard for all other tributes. The failure of the shows Producers was huge! Were real pros. in charge? BET missed a big moment!!

  32. The BET Awards was never watched but reading this article from head to toe, it seems is not worth the hassle. Thanks for the heads up -

  33. I'm a long-time lurker and fan of your blog. I came out of hiding to thank you for expressing similar righteous indignation!
    I personally wish they would've called Debbie Allen or someone because the show's overall direction and production value was horrible.
    I completely agree with everything you wrote. If I were to dare add a few items to your list:
    11. Jamie Foxx. There is a time and place for his brand of "humor" and this was the wrong time and place. It is such poor taste to ridicule someone who just passed away. MJ has been the butt of jokes forever, I personally expected the "tribute" to focus on his music. And if Mr. Foxx plugged his upcoming concert in Las Vegas just one more tacky!
    12. Can someone @ BET please invest in an adjustable microphone? It's bad enough that the sound quality was downright atrocious (as previously described in the post), but the microphone was too low and folks were practically squatting to speak into it.
    13. Is it too much to ask who the other nominees were? Not that I would expect this from BET, but why read the names of the winners without first acknowledging all the nominees (and oddly I only heard them read the nominees for one category - best female R&B performer).
    14. Back to Mr. Foxx, he repeatedly reminded the audience that "this is for Michael" (e.g., to encourage them to calm down and act appropriate when he went up to the balcony to film) and then, in the next breath, he's talking about having unprotected sex while watching a commercial for HIV testing. Was that for Michael too? Again, so crude...
    I totally agree that there is a war between the sreggin and intelligent Black Americans. This war was demonstrated by the fact that this appeared to be 2 separate award shows. One featured The O'Jays, Beyonce, Alicia Keys and Wyclef, BBD, New Edition, and highlighted 3 doctors and 3 others as positive role models. The other show featured Little Wayne, T-Pain, Soulja Boy Tell Em, and Mr. Foxx. There's a war and (sadly) one side is winning....
    Personally, if they weren't going to do it right, they should not have bothered. I would have preferred that they take the time to organize a separate event with Chris Brown, Usher, Justin Timberlake (regardless how I feel about them or their music - MJ's influence on them is so obvious), Diana Ross, Quincy Jones, etc.

  34. I agree with you almost 100%. . Thats only because Ving Rhames should have been in your top 10 with his Guns, Butter,Micheal Jackson and the fact the he was drunk. . Jamie Foxx was tipsy and I lost alot of respect for T-Pain walking on stage with his red cup and then sayin some Louis Vitton crap. . .
    Now MTV or VH1 will produce a Micheal Jackson Tribute that will make BET's look like the homemade, ghetto, youtube project it was. BET'S excuse will be we revamped our program. . .That does not excuses the nigga moments at all. . The BET Awards made black folks look really bad on an International Stage and set us back at least 50 years. Honestly I think BET has finally lost it credibility with this one . Best Part was Janet and Neyo.
    Joe Jackson. . . wow for real is all I can say

  35. How about Don Cornelius' lengthy and bizarre tribute to the Jacksons and the OJAYs...
    shit was crazy!

  36. You have to admit that this SHOW was for BET's core fans...misguided children. I don't think anyone here watches BET, not even for CHURCH. Now, was that movie trailer for real? I ain't into woman's lib, but I'm about to send a donation!!

  37. OK, I'm officially disgusted by Lil Wayne's performance. I heard that was his daughter and her lil friends. What kind of mess is that?

  38. Drake sat down in his performance due to him tearing his ACL in a basketball game prior to the show.
    other than that whoever wrote this article seems to have plenty of hatred is his or her heart, really sad

  39. who let Ciara pay tricute before Chris Brown? that's what I want to know. i could see if they had her do one of his dance routines but sing his song? with high notes? and she can't even hit her own...really?

  40. I agree with you 100%. The one thing you forgot to add to the list is how self-indulgent Beyaki and Camel Joe were during their performances (yuck!). I too tuned into the awards with the hope that BET would step up and deliver a proper tribute to Michael Jackson, but they did not. It was horrific. The only moments worth watching were Maxwell and New Edition's performance.

  41. I think there are 2 entities to blame for this (and let us rise about calling people out based on nationality.. that coonery last night was due to stupidity and not based on national origin): BET and the artists themselves. BET can provide the building, and some sort of theme.. which could have been better for MJ.. but a lot of blame must be put at the feet of most of the artists last night..
    I believe as an artist, you could only do one of 2 things and come off well
    1. Give a well-thought out tribute to MJ like Ne-Yo did and New Edition (bless their hearts) tried to do.. while NE did not meet expectations, I appreciate the effort and the class.
    2. Give your own pre-planned performance and if you are an artist based on class, dignity and respect for the craft and your audience, this in itself was a tribute to MJ. See Maxwell, the O'Jays and the O'Jay tribute (Hi Tevin *waves*.. I have missed you, buddy).
    Otherwise, if your musical career of claim to fame has been based on buffonery, coonery, being a minstrel show and singing bad music with bad lyrics, then you looked foolish last night. See Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Tiny (a damn shame because I stan for Xscape), Soulja Boy, etc. And if having a large ego in terms of outdoing and just being over the top, then you looked as someone noted below self-indulgent and just plain silly and quite immature. See Jay and wife (Bey has talent but it is a shame the direction she goes sometimes.. free yoself, B!)
    MJ was the epitome of balance. Talent. Hard work. HUMILITY. Creativity. Respect. And is one artist I feel really loved his fans because he respected us and gave us his all. It is a shame that BET and the artists last night failed to return the favor!

  42. THANK YOU!!! I thought I was the only one who seemed repulsed by what was going on. Usually, the award show is the best thing BET has going for it. I don't watch the network any other time unless I get a tip that Jazmine Sullivan or some other soulfully-relevant individual is going to be on 106th & Park. [even that becomes tricky because you never know what kind of airheadedness will leak out of the mouths of hosts Terence & Rocsi]. Anyway, this year's ceremony was by far THE WORST, most disgraceful thing I've ever seen. Put it at a strong #2--right under the Source Awards. What a better way to honor a man like Michael Jackson than with the perverse nonsense that is Soulja Boy, Lil' Wayne & Cash Money. God can only hope poor Janet wasn't there long enough to witness that "tribute" live.
    The only highlights were:
    1. New Edition reuniting (although Marlon Wayans ruined the surprise in the pre-show & Ralph Tresvant's voice sounded like his age is finally catching up with vocals)
    2. Tevin Campbell--which NOBODY showed love to! 🙁
    3. Guy, Keith Sweat, & BBD bustin' out the New Jack Swing like it's 1989 all over again. (Teddy even had the big ass keytar! lol)
    4. Maxwell bringing down the house with the CLASSIEST performance of the night.
    In the end, I'm just awaiting Aaron McGruder's "I told you so" interpretation of this fiasco on next season's "the Boondocks."

  43. The awards were terrible, except for Maxwell. I thought his performance was the best of the nite...can't wait for the album to come out. Maxwell and K'Jon are the only artists that I'm really feelin rite now...I advise everyone to check out K'Jon becuz he is the truth. Y'all can listen to his songs @

  44. "Ralph Tresvant's voice sounded like his age is finally catching up with vocals.."
    Switch that: His vocals are finally catching up with his age.
    ..and btw, what the hell was up with Beyonce & that wanna be Victoria Secret outfit? I was trying to enjoy her interpretation of "Ave Maria," but I was too distracted by them drag queen visuals she was putting out there.

  45. Praise God for your critique! I tried to explain this to some of my friends and I was accussed of being out of touch. I am saddened for our community.

  46. Praise God for your critique! I tried to explain this to some of my friends and I was accussed of being out of touch. I am saddened for our community.
    What about Jamie Fox's alcohol song after which he told all the kids to go to college? Did anyone find this to be ridiculous?

  47. what I find more amusing than this article are the comments about how we at SB think we're better than everyone else or we whine. nobody on staff even wrote this. reading bylines is fundamental.

  48. reasons 1-10 why the BET awards were bad: lack of Michael Jackson tributes & the ones that did happen were lackluster and full of bad choices. Ciara singing a ballad? No dancing for MJ?
    We all knew the awards were gonna be coonery (Its BET duh) but they bamboozled the intelligent Black folks into watching by stringing us in with false MJ tribute promises that went unfulfilled. not only tacky and poorly done but opportunistic

  49. You hit the nigorance on the head. I'm really 'bout done wit BET. I had said it before, but I mean it this time. AND watch MTV, Viacom's favorite child, beast a tribute fit for a King at the VMAs.

  50. Coming from a young 20-something who listens to vinyl EVERY SINGLE DAY, I thought the BET awards turned out suprisingly OK. Yeah, it had its (n****gr**) moments as usual, but they did what they could do with the production, given the surprising death of MJ. I thought Jaime Fox was the right person for the job. He made me feel comfortable laughing during such a sad, tragic moment. (Laughter is the best medicine, right?) But it could've been better but what can you expect with little planning time? I didn't have my hopes up for the show but liked it (minus the T-Payne, Soulja Boy, etc.)
    Of course, MAXWELL was the best part of the show:) Yes, Yes, Yes. Just saying his name makes me happy:)

  51. FYI Lorin: MTV will have much more time to prepare (get clearance rights to show MJ's videos) and such. THey will have much more time to really put together a befitting tribute to the king. I don't advocate for or usually watch BET, but I'm just saying...

  52. I stop watching BET when I decided to allow the Neilson group to monitor my TV viewership. I do miss some of the shows on BET; but not really. BET is a joke and its shows insult my intelligence. I am annoyed by its existence. I do miss the fashion and some of the entertaining elements found on the channel, but enough is enough. BET is the evil!!!!
    BOYCOTT BET!!!!!

  53. Don't mean to be a party pooper, but can we drop this whole "reggins" thing? Something about it doesn't scream "intelligent, educated, driven Black American." How about we just...I don't know...not use it.

  54. I thought the show sucked on so many levels! BET could have done better than trying to make people laugh with all this BULL. I also thought the constant selling during this show was horrible too!

  55. @Jennifer: BET could have waited to give a proper tribute to Michael. They didn't have to do a rush job and make it a part of the BET Awards. What they should have done was acknowledge the fact that Michael has made such an impact in the industry and that all will miss him, but tell the audience at that event, as well as the ones at home, that there will be a befitting tribute later. That would have sufficed, instead of cooning it up and adding an MJ tribute sprinkled liberally throughout the show. That's where they failed.

  56. Yo! I so agree with Fake's, I mean, Drake's performance! I mean, where was noodle-back Al Sharpton and any other stand-in "elder" to stop that -ish? I mean, they got little girlz on stage dressed like aspiring pole sliderz and they bleepin' out how many girlz of they world they wanna slay?!!?
    Don't mean to add a shameless plug, but this is echoes the reason I wrote this piece, Back When Revolutionareez Were Real (link:
    What does it take for someone to grab the mic and say enough is enough! These Need-to-growz need to grow up, nah mean?

  57. To all the people that made negative comments about the BET Awards 09 can get lost. And if ya'll don't particulary care for black people nor the success of black people, then I would advise you to keep quiet. Because unlike other networks out there that are geared more towards other races (MTV,VH-1,CMT), BET is the one network out there that prides us as black people. I'm sad to see that all you guys didn't care for the show but no one on the face of this Earth told you to watch it. And it's not that hard, if we as black people disrace you so bad on our network then by all means block the channel. And for most of you that commented felt that BET badly represented the King of Pop, are sadly wrong because if you hadn't forgot that despite the cosmetic surgery, Michael Jackson was a black man. I was saddend by his death as much of the world was but BET is the only network that could honor him with such passion. It's sad that you guys hate on us black people because we continue to shine especially now that we have a black president in office! Power to BET and the Black people

  58. Soulrific: Maybe BET will do something like a separate program later on but they HAD to do something Sunday night. They had to make it a part of the ceremony because of Michael's influence on world pop culture and many of the entertainers at the BET awards Sunday night. He was a brotha, even if he didn't look like it sometimes but he was one of us and WE shared him with the world and it wouldn't have been befitting if they didn't celebrate history's biggest pop star. If BET didn't do something, It just wouldn't have been right. A mere mention wouldn't have sufficed. That would've felt weird. The world's biggest pop star dies and BET couldn't even give him a tribute? They REALLY would've recieved flack for that one (you just can't win). I'm not a BET/Viacom executive or producer but I do feel like they did what they could in the the little bit of time that they had to plan the show/tribute.

  59. I agree with mostly everything in here except for the Drake comment. As everyone has pointed out he tore his ACL so he had to sit...but in my eyes you should have said "Lil Wayne's Performance".
    Weezy must of been messed up out of his mind to pull that stunt. This fools actually said "I wish I could f@ck every girl in the world. R.I.P Michael Jackson!" in the same breath!
    And perhaps you missed it but Drake looked a bit shocked himself when those pre-teens came on stage and a part of me feels bad for him cause 1.) He's not big yet so he's not gonna just stop performing and bite the hand that feeds him and 2.) he was crippled and could have barely walked off the stage even if he HAD found the balls to bounce.
    So yeah...totally agree with your point...just think you should move your aim about two inches to the left to the 5 foot tall turd with a face full of tear drops tattoos.

  60. @Woo: I didn't see where anyone who commented was hating on Black people. Where did you get that from? In case you haven't noticed, Soulbounce largely focuses on the R&B/Hip Hop genres, and when last I checked, that was predominantly Black. Just because a few incidents in the awards show were singled out, that doesn't mean that anyone is hating on an entire race of people.

  61. @ Huny "nobody on staff even wrote this. reading bylines is fundamental."
    Well as long as iI'm reading it on your website I have reasons to believe that you are endorsing the article and its content...

  62. Arg, Rae. Huny's point has nothing to do with whether or not we endorse or agree with this, the point was that if someone is going to belabor the point that we think we're better than everyone else (a point that doesn't really bother me), then this entry wouldn't be the best example of that since it's syndicated, rather than original content.
    There are many, MANY more entries on this site written by actual staff that are excellent examples of why we know it all and think we're better than everyone. LMAO!

  63. On No. 9 ... today's letter is just for you and your vomit ... lol ... check it out:
    But yeah, that show was a travesty, not a tribute.

  64. what no beyonce?

  65. LMAO @ Woo's comment of "BET is the one network out there that prides us as black people"
    *wiping eyes*
    THAT was a good one.

  66. Wow! Why don't you tell people how you really feel? LOL. Great post!

  67. Man, you said almost everything I've been thinking. BET is Black Exploitation Television aka reggiN Ent. No one gives a fuznuck about T.I.'s duck looking wife (I may be wrong for saying that but you all know I'm right) or Lil' Wayne's adorable mother-of-child. Neither of them look like anybody's mother. I guess they expect us to think that they're actually important because they slept with and actually meant something to two big name rappers. As for the sound and censorship, that stuff happens every year; you'd think that by now that they'd have fixed that stuff, but then again we are talking about reggiN Ent. after all. I pray for the future generation. I feel horrible because the I'm apart of the present generation. Also, its a shame that talented actors and actresses (i.e. pretty much every star of the Tyler Perry movies, Jamie Foxx) are limited to this audience. Jamie, you did a good thing by reaching out, but just leave it alone while you still look good in the public eye. One last thing: there are only a select about of people who can successfully, honestly imitate MJ and none of them were at the awards show. Stop the ignorance!

  68. I don't know why I expected more from BET. For the parts of the show I actually watched (since I couldn't stomach sitting through the entire thing), I have to say it made me feel embarrassed for the state of our art today. There are many who pride themselves in the images and the underlying sentiment that BET portrays, which is anything but positive. Miss me with that "keepin' it real" BS, since most are far from keeping it real themselves. Most of the cats that performed were garbage (Soulja Boy & especially Lil Wayne) yet this is what we look at as "the future." I couldn't help but keep thinking about "The Hunger Strike" episode of The Boondocks, which perfectly calls BET out on so many egregious fouls (did they WANT to prove Aaron McGruder right? Because they did a good damn job).
    BET barely does enough to honor blacks in the entertainment industry or many other fields that seek to uplift or otherwise act as a positive force in our communities. Any good that they did do in honor of those individuals was surely undermined by the rest of the COONERY in effect for the majority of the show. How you gon' bring out Mary Mary and then close with Lil Wayne and that horrible backhanded performance? It's one thing to block the channel, but when that channel is being covered by CNN and broadcast beyond the station itself, it surely does not speak highly nor well of those who don't subscribe to those negative images or mentalities.
    Michael was surely spinning in the morgue, and I'm not talkin about him dancing either...
    Then again, this IS BET, and they can't afford to pay their full-time staff full time money, so no wonder none of the program directors or staff involved with the awards show went out of their way to address simple things like the horrible sound engineering or lackluster choreography.
    I guess the saying is true, you get what you pay for... But just WHAT is the price we pay to let this happen year after year?
    To Debra Lee (and anyone with the audacity to defend her or the network): Stop making excuses for debasing our art and our voice, clean up your room and GO GET A SWITCH!

  69. There are many different ways for you to express your opinion. I would and will say this is the worst. You speak of class, but never represent it. There were a few things that could and should have been adjusted, but referring to my black sistahs and brothas as Coons and Buffoons is tasteless and disrespectful.
    I shall pray for you and your thoughts because God's Love conquers all. Sweetie!

  70. Normally, I loathe BET with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns but, I was willing and waiting to applaud the network for a job well done in regards to the Michael Jackson tribute. Still.Waiting.
    Also, just because I love this site, the following statement bears repeating:
    "There are many, MANY more entries on this site written by actual staff that are excellent examples of why we know it all and think we're better than everyone. LMAO!"
    *stands and begins slow clap*
    Keep up the great work SoulBounce!

  71. I personally had given up on BET years ago, but because of the tribute that was gonna be given I took a peek. Oh what a mistake that was. Then they have the nerve to add more shows that misrepresent african americans. I get angry because there are more than enough T.V. channels that boost negative stereotypes but it's just sad that Black Entertainment would do the same. Just sad!!!!!

  72. Avatar

    Coonery and buffonery is very much alive among some of today's black celebrities and networks "geared at people of color" and it doesn't even take a deep analysis of the subjects to understand why the author of this article was justified in pointing it out...Just sayin...I thought this was pretty hilarious btw, that is all =)

  73. what is up with that ? that is nasty jamie foxx !!

  74. It is going to be sad to see MTV / Grammys do a better jod but we do have to remrmber that all of this was at the last minute MTV / Grammys will have time to put something good together. I want to know if the rumor that Jay-Z and Beyonce was not going to show if BET had Chris Brown come out to perform for the tribute to Michael Jackson?

  75. thanks for making it clear that you'd stick zoe saldana. That made me vomit.

  76. what is up with that ? that is nasty jamie foxx !!
    @ ronika gooden
    Jamie Foxx's comment about his "Boa" was sub ghetto and referring to Nichelle Nichols as "Star Trekk lady" amaturish and ignorant.
    There was no excuse for the disjointed, sub par effort of the BET Awards program Sunday. I felt embarrassed at all of the stereotypical "saggiN" fooly that only helped to support the lowlife images of Blacks in the media.
    Enough is enough write the sponsors of these shows and let them know that you will not purchase their products when they support these derogatory images!

  77. "There are many, MANY more entries on this site written by actual staff that are excellent examples of why we know it all and think we're better than everyone. LMAO"
    I agree, I don't always condemn it. But sometimes too far is too far.
    As for the article my personal opinion about it hasn't changed. Devoid of class and good taste. From the outside looking in I wish black Americans (who know better) would educate their brothers instead of distancing themselves from those who are less "educated" Trashing someone and calling them all sorts of names will never make them change their ways.

  78. Another thing, an (African) friend of mine linked this article on Facebook and I didn't care to comment. The fact that it was posted here on a website which ideas can be influential and representative of a whole community (and which I love) really made things different for me...
    Aside from that, keep up the good work.

  79. I was so completely mortified over Sunday night's BET Awards ... I don't know what was worse ... Jamie Fox ... what an embarrasment he was! Was he totally drunk? Why was he even hosting ...???... he is too old ... could not do anything right ... kept yelling at Diddy and yelling at the audience to make some noise ... it was pathetic, sloppy, un-rehearshed, extremely unprofessional, terrible byond terrible ... I was so uneasy watching it, I wanted to vomit!!!!!!!!!!! 99% of the performers were INCREDIBLY AWFUL. Joe Jackson shuold be shot on sight and I would guess NO ONE would be sad to see him perish! He's the one who should have died!!!!

  80. I was highly disappointed in the BET Awards performance & its so call tribute 2 the KING OF POP, MJ (RIP). B4 last night I can't remember the last time I watch the BET awards & now I know y. 2 begin Jamie Fox was completely tasteless w/his outfits, jokes & moonwalk. I had a lot of respect 4 him as I thought he was taking his career 2 a new level, but after last night I have no respect 4 him, he plugged his freaking tour & album the whole show!(he's obsessed w/ being the next hot R&B artist), he preformed like the show was dedicated to him, sometimes we have to learn 2 fall back & give respect when respect is due, he said to celebrate MJ's life, but he & BET did not do that, how did BET rearrange the show 4 MJ?? New edition, Arron Hall, Bobby Brown who sang their songs from who knows when!!! in a 4 hr show only 3 songs of MJ's were preformed, Where was the slide show! I was expecting so much more BET. The show was unorganized, dysfunctional & a HOT MESS! w/out just cause. I must give props 2 Alisha Keys, she made the show 4 me, she was well spoken & respectful.
    That night I was so upset & all my husband keep saying 2 me was "what did u expect it's BET"
    MJ paved the way for us w/his genius creation of music videos & live performances, he was magnificent, the videos & performances of 2day are pure garbage, a bunch of half naked girls dancing & sounds that have no meaning or soul. The man was 1 of a kind & I am not said that he is gone because this world a is cruel & was cruel to him at times, I am happy because I believe he accomplished what he was put on earth 2 do & his music will live on 4ever. His demons r silent now & I hope that his soul rest with God.

  81. @Rae
    I wish black Americans (who know better) would educate their brothers instead of distancing themselves from those who are less "educated"
    We are living in a time when "education" is not highly respected in our community particularly among this group. Kids that try to excel academically are often viewed as 'trying to be white."
    I saw an interview on youtube by Stephanie Mills and the question of educating the next crop of entertainers came up. In so many words she replied they- the older generation- get no respect. They are often looked at as old, used up, or not relevant.
    This group of entertainers is all about the money. If you really want to get their attention, then write the sponsors of these shows voicing your dislike for this garbage.
    If my show can't get ad dollars because of the the entertainment I will change it's format.
    Let's be real how are YOU going to educate someone when in their don't have a "big AZZ chain.

  82. Black people can't host a show. Point blank. I honestly have to say that this was the worst BET Awards that I have ever seen. I only watched it because of their trbute towards Michael Jackson. I know BET only had four days to change the format of the show, but this is what they came up with? Is this the best they had? It was despicable. What pissed me off the most was the pre-show. How dare Joe Jackson promote his new label when his just died? Truly unbelievable.

  83. Avatar

    BLACK PEOPLE or whatever we supposedly want to be call! Stop it! The show was not BAD! You all watched it to the very end! BET or EBT did a GOOD(not best or better) job. It was unexpected! Please believe that no one was going to honor the GREATEST entertainer on earth-period! BET does the best performances ever to be seen. The Grammy's could never show love to Black people or HONOR then like they should be! The O'Jay's alone should have you all thanking Jesus! BET may give into coonery, but in the end they LOVE Black artist. I don't normally watch BET, but I look foward to seeing artist who have been in haitus(ror on crack, blackballed or w/o a contract). Tevin Campbell, Keith Sweat, Guy and NE. Jamie Foxx sucks-so what-he can act! Ne Yo held it down. Tyrese, J. Gill and Trey Singz were feeling it! Let us stop tearing each other down! We are all a cousin or 2 away from the shit we see on BET(EBT)! Love one another and please stop. I know(and u do too) alot of the folks u see or will see on BET. It is unfortunate, but a reality get over and get on!

  84. This was a hilarious post & sad that I have to agree with ALL of it. BET served up a mess of ghetto histronics, self promo, bad timing, and pure foolishness. They constantly take the low road.

  85. AND YHU BETTA SAY REGGIN MUDAFUCKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!