‘Unsung’ Gives Shalamar A ‘Second Time Around’

In a sea of faux celebrities on mindless reality shows (take your pick) and other assorted ridiculousness (i.e., most anything that comes of judge Lil C's mouth on So You Think You Can Dance), TV One's Unsung is the hottest thang smoking on television right now. So far, with episodes focusing on Minnie Riperton and Melba Moore already aired, this season has been riveting and the next episode looks be no different. This time around the spotlight will be trained on that fly R&B trio Shalamar, who took the Soul Train to the world's stage before drama amongst the group brought their journey to an end. Although they underwent a few lineup changes throughout the years, the members that everyone remembers as thee Shalamar are present in the special--Jeffrey Daniels, Jody Watley (who is still that chick) and Howard Hewitt (who has still got it)--and speaking on what really went down back in the day alongside their former boss, SOLAR records head honcho Dick Griffey. After watching these clips below and after the bounce, Unsung: Shalamar promises to be must see TV this Sunday, June 21st. Synchronize your watches and set your DVRs!

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6 Responses

  1. I haven't missed an episode yet, and I don't plan on missing this one. I hope the episode mentions Jeffrey Daniels brief marriage to Stephanie Mills.

  2. I wish this was a true series with full 13 episode seasons instead of 5 here, pause, 5 there. I understand this takes money and time to produce but I am LOVING this show. Kinda like a "Behind The Music" for black folk. I appreciate that they are telling stories of people who didnt necessarily make it to the "top". Those are the ones we DONT know about, and who's stories deserve to be told.

  3. MAn I can't wait!!! Jody is gonna TELL

  4. I can't wait for this. Hopefully, they'll track down Leon Sylvers, too, because he hooked them up!

  5. Jody could still be a special guest at Casa de Stylus.

  6. Unsung failed to mention that Jeffrey Danils was married to Stephanie Mills for a moment