Amerie Invokes Whodini In ‘Why R U’ Remix

Amerie's penchant for drawing upon classic Hip Hop has never been more evident than in this remix of "Why R U", which digs back farther than the original with a sample of Whodini's "One Love." We're curious how much of the target audience will appreciate the nod. Also, the track features a motley crew of guest rappers--Nas, Jadakiss, Rick Ross and Kain Cioffe, who was signed to Bad Boy during that Saga Continues period that also promised a Mark Curry release. Oh, and for what it's worth, I like this joint.

Amerie: "Why R U (Remix)" feat. Nas, Jadakiss, Kain & Rick Ross

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6 Responses

  1. This joint is a banger.......................

  2. I think I like the remix more than the original... yeah, I do!

  3. *whopping it out*
    This is what she should have released in the first beginning. I'm going pretend the original doesn't exist. Better be on the album. Bonus track or something.
    I don't care what ya'll say. Jadakiss' monotone flow is every.single.thing.

  4. Avatar

    Nice joint, this girl is dope, I love her voice. She's like a Marry that can stay in key.

  5. Kain being on this is soooooo random! I used to like that joint he was on with the girls Dream back in the day. Even though I have a love/hate relationship with Ross, I dig the track for everything else about it...