Are Tona & Lyve Moving At Too ‘Fast’ A ‘Pace’?

In case you may not have known, unsuspecting reader, we editors at SoulBounce have jobs, and we often miss things that if we had wealthy arts and music minded benefactors, we could lounge and luxuriate and cruise the 'Nets, scouring it for music and such that would bring us all much joy. But this is not the case, and, as reality would have it, we missed this Hip Hop video that dropped last week from Tona & Lyve (remember them?) with other T-Dot representers Saukrates & T.R.A.C.K.S. In short, this track is the hotness, and the video hearkens to a simpler time of hanging out on stoops and making hourly trips to the corner store. Speaking of Toronto, it also reminds me of all the flag-waving Drake-lovers and how I never really thought he was all that great to begin with...sorry. In any case, peep the video, grab their new album Direct Deposit, and offer thanks to FWMJ for putting us on.

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