Behold: The Magic & Majesty Of Whitney Houston’s Album Cover

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  1. Okay, Monty Hall, I'll go with #3: A great shot.................coupledwith great lighting and damn good airbrushing.

  2. That's some damn good retouching lol. But I dig it. Whether I'm ready for a whitney comeback is an entirely different story.

  3. Lol, i'm going to with the latter--just a great shot.

  4. So glad for her comeback. She's looking livlier in recent photos. Go Whit whit!

  5. Whitney Houston has never been deep as an artist so I go with a great DIVA shot supported by all that technology (photoshop, retouching, et al) can bring to the table. Ain't mad at her, though.

  6. ...still got my fingers crossed.

  7. Oh definitely (1).
    Back to the eighties!
    It's like My Love is Your Love never happened.

  8. looking more like Dionne every day

  9. Damn she looks like Beverly Johnson...............Can you say Photoshop?

  10. Way too much photoshop for my personal taste. I admire her for trying to go classy with it, but even Celine Dion has more edge now. What gives?!

  11. I think it is diva & artistic. Brava Whitney. Though the photos from "Just Whitney" are some of my personal favorites of hers, no matter what anyone says.-QH

  12. I'on know, but she looks amazing!!! Get it Whit!

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    I'd say a combo of all three..I can't lie tho, the retouching around her eyes bothers me a bit, but it's not too over the top. Nature of the biz these days I guess. Overall I like it =)