DJ Day & Miles Bonny Create Some ‘Instant Saadiq’

instant_saadiq-1.jpgIs it just me or was Raphael Saadiq's album title Instant Vintage the most honest observation about the classic appeal of that album, in the most unpretentious way? Personally, an instant classic usually involves me being completely unable to move on to the next song out of fear that the awesomeness of the previous one won't be indelibly etched onto my brain without just one more listen. Unsurprisingly, DJ Day and Miles Bonny decided to team up to pay homage to Raphael with their four-track EP Instant Saadiq. In my honest opinion, it's a great effort, well worth a listen and possibly an addition to your library. The project drops August 28th on Melting Pot Music, and just because you're special, here's a listen. Be sure to check for a visual aid after the bounce. [H/T:MVMT/FS]

DJ Day: "Can You Feel Me"

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