First Look: Maxwell In GIANT Magazine


Feast your eyes on this exclusive first look at Maxwell on the cover and inside the pages of the September issue of GIANT magazine. Maxwell is featured on the front of the glossy with tie loosened, drink in hand, the words "Let Me Love You" hovering over his left shoulder and a come hither look on his face. A feverish flip through the mag will land you on page 70 where the 12-page piece starts, showcasing the ever-fashionable singer in photographs by Kenneth Cappello. Stylish eye candy aside, the accompanying interview by Celia San Miguel is just as appealing. San Miguel doesn't regurgitate questions about BLACKsummers'night that have already been asked and answered. Instead, she gets Maxwell to open up ever-so-slightly about his past, and we get a glimpse at what shaped him and his approach to women. Maxwell keeps it real and even gets a little raw in the interview. Be sure to pick up the September issue of GIANT when it hits newsstands and get a sneak peek of the photos after the bounce. 





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10 Responses

  1. *droooool*
    My Lord.

  2. OMG! I am in Heaven....This man is absolutely beautiful inside and out. Can't wait to buy Giant and read this article!

  3. OMG OMG OMG he is just so delish:) **deep sigh**

  4. The scar on his forehead adds to his appeal - for real!
    It makes his beautiful face a little more approachable (wabi sabi or "beauty in imperfection"). I wonder how it happened?

  5. He's fully embraced the Sam Cooke role.

  6. i'm with all of you guys. *heaven*

  7. Oh Lord...I can't wait until my issue comes!!!!!!

  8. Nice cover and spread...Giant always has beautiful photos! So glad that Maxwell is back!

  9. I finally purchased this issue and actually read the interview (well, most of it).
    I would have to say b/w this and the interview in S2S (who'd a thunk it), I gained more insight into Maxwell the person. The man.
    Honestly, I was growing weary of the general "where have you been", "who's pretty wings", "why did you leave" questions and answers.
    It was nice to get a peek into what his life was like as a little boy, albeit painful at times. I can relate to his story on certain levels.
    God Bless You, Maxwell.


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