Get To Know Kandi, Again

If you didn't love Xscape back in the day, then we really can't be friends. They were everything! Via the magic of reality television, half of the group is back to being part of our regular pop culture diet. There's Tameka Cottle in Tiny And Toya, which I'll never watch again, and Kandi Burruss in the second season of The "Real" "Housewives" of "Atlanta," premiering tonight on Bravo. I've never been particularly interested in this show, speaking for myself, but the addition of Kandi has me intrigued. She looks like she does not play.

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    She wrote Bill Bills Bills, No Scrubs, Pinks first single "There you Go", a song on one of N'syncs 10 million sellers and a slew of other hit records. Her and her Timbaland clone productions partner Shakespeare should be quite rich,... if the paper work was right back in the day. Plus her solo album had a few joints, the first song "Hey Kandi" was dope. I like her she's everything Keri Hilson wishes she was.

  2. Kandi looks GREAT. This should be interesting, because I've already seen footage of Kandi and Nene's altercation (on of MANY, I assume...LOL).

  3. I'm so excited for this show. No shame in my game AT ALL..LOL

  4. king-that is a good analogy, she is everything Keri Hilson wishes she was.

  5. "Real" "Housewives" of "Atlanta" = hilarious, the quotations had me crackin up like crazy

  6. Against my better judgment, I watched the season premiere of The Real Housewives of Atlanta last night. Lisa, NeNe Sheree and Kim seem to still act the same as they did last season, but Kandi is the standout this season, at least what I've seen from last night's show as well as the previews for the rest of the season.
    She comes off as genuine and yes, she ain't takin' no sh*t. In fact, there's an upcoming episode where she and NeNe go heads up at one another. Also another standout on the show.........Kandi's daughter, Riley. I used to hear my grandmother saying things like, "That child has been here before." Well, I got that same impression by watching Riley. She is grown in mind, but in a kid's body. One of the bright spots on last night's premiere. Kandi is obviously raising her the right way.

  7. She favors Lyte a litte bit with that haircut

  8. Do you people always have to put one black sista against another??? Small minds, I suppose. Kerry Hilson is writing songs and singing, as well. Dont put Kerri against Kandi. There is room in the music world FOR BOTH! hello...
    Ignorance is still alive and kicking!!!! UGH