Getting What You Never Asked For: ‘A Day In The Life’ Movie Spoken Entirely In Rap

There are few things in life that get on my nerves more than interpretive dancing, bad musicals, and spoken word with bongos. Now I can definitively add to this list the "rapudrama" as evidenced by the Sticky Fingaz-written and directed movie A Day In The Life. This movie, set in Los Angeles on an average day that includes lots of gun battles, nearly naked women, and Clarence Williams III rapping, gets on my nerves about as much as watching Cop Rock and Carmen with Beyoncé were back in the day. This movie also stars Michael Rappaport, Faison Love, Mekhi Phifer, and an assortment of actors who are not employed as often as they should be who are all rapping throughout the entire film. If you care, it was a straight-to-DVD release that came out July 7th. In the meantime, I am going to revisit the awesomeness of A Prince Among Thieves, a Prince Paul-produced, gangster-themed, concept Hip Hop album that you should have been up on years ago. [H/T: BWE]

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4 Responses

  1. I have that Prince Paul album and it flows just as well as any movie. As for the Sticky Fingaz jawn...o_O


  3. this is what happens when you get cats from Onyz direct films. you think the world would've learned when Mobb Deep did their Murda Muzik flick, but apparently not. straight-to-dvd is like community college for movies.
    A Prince Among Thieves = one of the best concept albums ever...

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