Jody Watley Brings Her ‘Light’ To DC

I don't watch the news, and that's a bad thing. If I did, I probably would've known Jody Watley was in town. She made a pit stop by Fox 5 here in DC in advance of her concert at the Birchmere last night. As an introductory measure, Tony Perkins mentioned her beginnings with Soul Train and Shalamar but mercifully stopped short of dwelling on the past. Anyone that follows Watley on Twitter knows that she's all about forward momentum. For anyone that isn't up-to-date on her career and music, check out these two clips. A performance of her single "Candlelight" is after the bounce.


3 Responses

  1. WHy does she come to town when I leave...AAAAAARGH!!!!

  2. I wanted to go, but couldn't cough up the 45 beans.
    Not saying she isn't worth it though. I loves me some Ms. Watley.

  3. La Watley is tres divine. Work!-QH