‘Take A Walk’ Back In Time With Raphael Saadiq

The fact that Raphael Saadiq is still selling last year's The Way I See It is remarkable. The fact that the videos for the project continue to stay more than true to the '60s era for which the music was made is even more remarkable. This latest clip, for the song "Let's Take A Walk," wasn't one of my favorites from the disc, but the black and white motif, coupled with the choreography of Busby Berkeley, kept my attention. And had me humming along by song's end. Take a peek at the clip, and follow Saadiq back to the '60s, when soul music was as breezy as a walk in the park. Enjoy. [H/T: OKP]

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6 Responses

  1. Can you say Marvin Gaye's "Hitchhike"?

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    This album was filled to the brim with fail.. I was excited with about the concept, but something was lost in the execution. The sonic character was nice though.
    Can we get back to "It never rains", "Feels Good", "What ever you want", "I care", "Anniversary" and that other great song from the Boyz in the Hood soundtrack?

  3. I REALLY liked this song and the video just makes me grin from ear to ear. Very suiting.

  4. can we get over the 60's? no i aint bein a hater - just sayin - dont step back in time, bring time with you and make something fresh - been there and done that and heard that old sh*t. Seriously - bring back toni tone tony!

  5. Nice vid.
    The styles and production values on this album are brilliant, he's a serious talent, but old school is song-based and most of the lyrics are just not up to that standard, they're quite lame and it's a very obvious weakness that should have been recognised and improved. I'm only raising it because he was so close to being the last word on that revival sound and I wanted to be blown away.
    Looking forward to the next one.

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