Mario Dones Is On A Higher ‘Wavelength’

mario_dones.jpgLike any other music genre, Hip Hop offers its listeners varied sounds, depending on the mood said listener wants to create. Speaking only for myself, I have been in a very chill, mid-Summer breezy mood lately, and "Wavelength" by Mario Dones with Slo-Mo and AV on the help out strives to preserve my current mood quite nicely. Describing his current experience as "I record in a big closet...I have no manager...I have no engineer or much other support behind me" is awfully honest and earnest amongst a newer generation of rappers who proclaim their greatness before they've even hit the gate. In short, it'll be nice to see how this artist develops. So far with this track produced by Keelay and Zaire, two producers who have likely made some of your favorite tracks that you don't readily know, I'm fairly intrigued. [H/T: RH]

Mario Dones feat. Slo-Mo & AV: "Wavelength"

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    No auto-tune, gun, coke, sex, talk? What's rap coming too. SMH


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