Maxwell Stops The World Behind-The-Scenes

The day has finally come, ladies and gentlemen. After several long years of waiting, we have now arrived at the day of reckoning for all of us Maxwell fans. BLACKsummers'night drops today! Some of you like myself have gotten a little taste of the first album in a trilogy of what will hopefully be a much needed dose of musical greatness. Below is my favorite track thus far from the album, "Stop The World," with some behind-the-scenes commentary by Maxwell himself. Enjoy.


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  1. He picked a horrible day to release his album, he should have moved it up a week due to Mike's memorial today

  2. Got the album, though its brief I like it. What I find interesting/different is that he seems to be really embracing all this media stuff with the dvd/commercials/interviews etc. I dont recall him being so visible with previous releases. I wonder if he is happy to do it, or feels required due to the hiatus? I opted not to get the deluxe with the dvd though. Frankly, I think the music needs to just speak for itself-no interviews or behind the scenes needed!

  3. I LUV "Love You"
    and real Maxwell fans preordered the album

  4. "Stop The World" is my fave too.
    @stoneyisland: Are you serious? Are you really serious?

  5. I dont want to try to speak for stoney but I think there is some validity to his general point, that unfortunately, not as many folks are going to be focused on his new release given all the MJ hoopla. The fact that this post itself only has a couple of comments while the MJ post is running long sort of illustrates the point....this has been a site where there has typically been a lot of Maxwell acknowledgement. But its a good album, it will sell. He cant change a release date, and I for one am glad to have the album now.

  6. Serious as a heart attack or an audit from the IRS, once Mike died and maxwell's label realized what was going on, he could have moved his release back a week, I mean damn he made fans wait damn near 8 years whats another lousy week? Without Mike there would be no Maxwell. I know most people were too busy mourning the lost of Michael to go cop Maxwell's album, from a business stand point it just doesnt seem like a smart move. By the way the album isnt all that. Al. B. Sure album is waaaaaaay better:)

  7. There was no need for Maxwell to change his release date at all. People have been anticipating this album for years and the date 7/7/09 has been ingrained into our heads for the past few months now. His fans are buying his album this week regardless of Michael Jackson (or the fact that the album leaked three weeks ago). From what I understand, he's on track to sell 250-300K this week based on current sales. Who is doing those kind of numbers these days? That's nothing to funk with.
    As far as Al B. Sure's album being no. Al's album is good but BLACKsummers'night is heavenly.

  8. Thank you Butta, Stoneyisland you are a DOUCHE. Get off of washed up AL B's sack.
    Maxwell's voice has matured and I love this new album. AND compared to the music out there right now BLACK is a masterpiece.

  9. In the world of multi-tasking why can't we watch Michael memorial and buy Maxwell Cd. I did it. It took 5 second to purchase Maxwell Cd on line....Come on people we can multi-task

  10. Spicy cockroach or whatever your name is, you say i'm riding Al B. Sures jock but aint that exactly what you doing with Maxwell? People in glass houses shouldnt throw rocks or in your case people living in their grand parents basement should shut their pie holes. Walk in peace you judgemental douche:)

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    Uhmm maybe its just me, but I got a lil too excited just hearing the man talklol...can't say I've had the pleasure of hearing him speak before, but even his speaking voice is heavenly..