MeLo-X Reworks Maxwell With Amazing Results

Melo-X-Cover.jpgI have kept pretty quiet when it's come to my opinion on Maxwell's latest album. Voicing one's disdain is never a good look amongst the throngs of those who are in complete rapturous ecstasy, now is it? That being said, this remix EP by MeLo-X, his attempt to rework Maxwell's BLACKsummers'night, seems tailor-made for me and those who may feel similarly about Maxy's latest effort. On this EP, yes, Maxwell's voice has been chopped up to a staccato as well as the beat, so these reworks are no longer strictly red light special-type of grooves as Maxwell intended. But these tracks are proof that touching something that until now was pretty much deemed untouchable is possible. Below are my favorites. Do not sleep on this one. [H/T: OKP]

MeLo-X: "The Highest"

MeLo-X: "Coldest Riddim"

MeLo-X: Maxwell BLACKsummers'night Instrumental Remix EP [Download]

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9 Responses

  1. I TOTALLY feel you about Maxwel's new joint. It's background music to me & I have TRIED to be an active listener-to no avail. It's not bad, per se--it's just not what I'm used to from him.

  2. Ah, this is top down, rims shinin', tires Armor All gleamin', hair blowin' in the breeze, Sunday cruisin' and all is right with the world music!

  3. I love it!! I can definitely ride to this.

  4. I always smile while reading anything you guys have to say about me..
    THANK YOU!!!

  5. After working with the new album for about three weeks now, I have to give it a 3/5. It's fine...I can listen to it...there are a couple of songs I really dig...but it isn't magic, as I had expected. The band holds it together, his voice of course...but lyrics, arrangements etc. just aren't moving me like some of his past work. Still looking forward to the second disc in the trilogy.

  6. "Voicing one's disdain is never a good look amongst the throngs of those who are in complete rapturous ecstasy, now is it?"
    Word, kindred. Word.
    I REALLY like this EP.

  7. I've had a chance to listen to the EP in full and it's...OK. And I'm not just saying that because I love BLACKsummers'night. I just thought that there'd be more to this than less than 15 minutes of chopped up music. MeLo-X gets an A for effort, though.

  8. Nice track selection. I dig your choices. As for Maxwell's latest effort, it's decent, but not his best effort to date. We'll see what happens on the next go round.

  9. the download no longer exist...for shame ....for shame 🙁