Morning Soul: Tap On Your Window Pane

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  1. Damn I love Mikki Howard...........................and oh yeah Kelis is a gold digger:)

  2. I'm still failing to understand why LaToya received payment for an interview? Doesn't sound like she's grieving much. If you really cared about your brother, you would have said what you had to say without payment. I'm tired of Joe and LaToya trying to capitalize off of Michael's death.

  3. Latoya and Joe Jackson..............................two pieces of human waste.

  4. This is what I posted on another site yesterday regarding this:
    What I want to know is why does the rest of the family allow LaToya and old, disgusting, lecherous, mean, spiteful, money-grubbing, UGLY Joe Jackson out in public?!?! They know both of them have issues and can’t keep their mouths shut. The rest of the Jacksons need to lock them in a room and throw away the key until all of this is resolved….It’s been two weeks and they have to start making a spectacle of everything!

  5. I love this song so much, I even remember with remix. I miss Mikki Howard being on the scene.

  6. re: hip-hop in 2009,
    I'm usually way more pessimistic than nOva but there's some good boom-bap floating around these days. That list needed Brooklynati, Marco Polo & Torae's Double Barrel & the Tiye Phoenix album.