Nicolay & Carlitta Durand Show You The ‘Way’

The first single from Nicolay's forthcoming City Lights 2: Shibuya has been unleashed in the form of "Lose Your Way", one of a handful of tracks featuring new FE Music signee Carlitta Durand. The music and vocals unfold much in the same way as transitional tracks from Leave It All Behind, that is to say, cinematic and ethereal. Since we already know the album was inspired by a trip to the Shibuya ward of Tokyo, we can only assume that this introduction sets the tone for a collection that evokes the serenity of human life, even amongst industrial urban terrain. [NM]

Nicolay feat. Carlitta Durand: "Lose Your Way"

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  1. "cinematic and ethereal..."

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    She's got a "sweet" voice, but somehow I feel that if Cassie would have put out the same song, people would be saying she has no talent, no range and can not sing. Basically apart for the Hook, the production makes this song... Nice though