Our Long-Overdue, Obligatory Janet Jackson Update

Thumbnail image for jackson_sisters.jpgJanet Jackson, pictured here with her sisters La Toya and Rebbie on the day of brother Michael's funeral (credit) appears to have a lot to sort out in 2009. On the heels of her brother's death, reports are surfacing that she's offered to raise Michael's children. On top of that, comes the rumors that Janet and Jermaine Dupri have split up. Oh, and she's back to work on the Why Did I Get Married sequel. Aaaand, she's slated to perform at a Michael Jackson tribute concert on 8/29 (MJ's birthday) along with--wait for it--Justin Timberlake. How does she juggle all these personal and professional developments? Time will tell, but we're pretty certain her approach to her career and creative output will be forever impacted.


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  1. Justin TimberFake??? WTF was Usher too busy? The Jackson family is really starting to show how really disfunctional they are............I never thought she and lil dupri would end up getting hitched.

  2. Sometimes staying busy is the best medicine. Now, about this possible reunion with Justin, well that may be a good move. Hear me out a second. Janet's career needs a slight boost, and this will definitely get tongues wagging and boost album sales. Obviously what she was doing in the past (well, at least on the last few albums) was not working for her, so why not opt for a different direction. Definitely can't hurt.

  3. Rebbie is too happy at her brother's funeral.

  4. Agreeing with Soulrific. Also, the JT thing doesn't bother me as much if, say, he performed at MJ's funeral, now that would've been senseless. But at this tribute, much more appropriate. I even think that since the two of them will be performing--together or not--may be good, as it could give an idea that: hey! those two are over the "the wardrobe spillage incident of 2004", maybe we should get over it too. So until I see the rest of the list of artists involved in this tribute, this doesn't irk me.
    Still I digress, keeping busy is good, especially for Janet's music career, which we all know is flagging at this point. And though I hate saying it but maybe if there is a smidge of grief mixed into this new rumored album...well, 'Velvet Rope' anyone? Yes, I said it. Oh, and with her detachment from JD...let's all hope for the best musically!

  5. LOL @ JT giving Janet career a boost.She's an icon she don't need him.

  6. Is that Michael in the middle? I mean when was the last time we saw Mike AND Latoya in the same place at the same time? Back in 83 in the Say, say, say video? 🙂 I mean you can buy fake boobs at any five and dimes store. Could Mike have faked his death? could Mike and Latoya be one of the same???????????????

  7. @TLD: Michael Jackson was an icon too, and he didn't need to work with Paul McCartney, but he knew that pairing with him would be a good thing for both of them. And guess what? It worked.

  8. it might worked for them because MJ/Paul were at the height of their careers.they were/are the best selling artist. MJ and Paul McCartney are icons..JT...??? trust Janet don't need no JT to revive her career.janet still the best at what she do.if she did go back on stage with him what will that do??it won't boost her career.

  9. @TLD: Her record sales are on life support. If Janet wasn't worried about sales, she'd still let Jermaine Dupri continue to be her producer. Something tells me that Janet sees the bigger picture and can look past the "wardrobe malfunction" incident and work with Timberlake to make that paper. I can't hate her for that.

  10. And another thing, McCartney wasn't at the height of his career when he teamed up with Michael Jackson. He was still working with his group Wings at the time, and that was well past the Beatles reign on the charts. His height was with the Beatles, not Wings.

  11. @ Soulrific: Laughable. Despite Jackson's sales dip, the quality, (despite what any overt cynic would state), of Jackson's work has stayed consistent from "Damita Jo" & onward. Personally, I would not want her working with Timberfake because he can ease her back into the charts. For some people, it isn't just about "sales, sales, sales." I want Janet to continue to make good music, which she has been doing. If she works with someone & it causes a resurgence for her sales, great, but I want it to be for creative reasons over commercial, or at least compromise for both aspects.
    She's still Janet Jackson, & that does mean something to her fans who see her for more than just how many certifications her records receive. Plus, it has been rumored by Variety, not confirmed by either party for this MJ performance. So, I doubt Jackson would eager to start a reunion with someone who kicked off a period of discord for Jackson just several years prior.
    Life support. Whatever...-QH

  12. You may hear people say, "Oh, I just do it for the love of music." Initially, that may be why they do it, but trust, money makes a difference, because if they were truly doing it for the love of music, they'd do it and not worry about a paycheck and/or keep switching labels for a better deal. At the end of the day, it's still gonna come down to sales.

  13. Although Justin is mentioned in the report as being a part of the performance, "along with" doesn't have to mean the two are sharing the same stage at the same time. It just means he's also on the bill.

  14. @ Soulrific: I again do not agree. Sales are an important part of a legacy, but not everything. Diana Ross, whom I love, have studied, has had a vast discography. She struggled with her initial solo lift off, and even after she found her commercial footing again in the 1974 and onward, suffered several commercial setbacks.
    But she pushed onward, and is still an icon due to her lasting impact of making good music. Someone like Beyonce, who breaks records, but her music is tangible or really decent, her legacy will show the sag & tearing of commerciality.
    Janet Jackson is definitely an artist who has a commercial edge, but a creative one as well. The best artists are the ones who focus on a body of work than a slew of statistics. You'd be best served to remember that when taking Janet Jackson's musical identity into consideration.-QH

  15. Meant "but her music is not tangible or really decent," regarding Beyonce. Forgot the not, lol.

  16. Yeah, we'll I'll best serve to remember that the day Janet decides to stop releasing albums.

  17. There's also a big difference between perception and reality. Every single artist in the game, practically, has experienced a major dip in sales. Plus, lest we forget, her last project did debut at #1 and she did manage to secure another Top 20 pop hit with Feedback. So the life support description, was vastly overreaching. That said, the only thing that we know for certain is that Jan is back filming the Tyler Perry flick. None of the rest has been officially confirmed at all. I've secretly longed though, for Jan to dismiss JD but even that may not be true. Through it all though, I just want baby girl to be happy.

  18. @ Soulrific: I'm sure you will dude. It gets a bit annoying that people have such a superficial way of looking @ music. While I respect a differing voice, it bothers me that we can't enjoy music if doesn't move x amount of copies. Langston, I'm glad you get it.-QH

  19. Perhaps Janet's performing at her brother's tribute concert to pay tribute to her brother. Just a thought.

  20. @stoneyisland Man, I', so with you on that one! I always thought Michael and LaToya were the same person!

  21. There are sooooo many stories swirling about. I just read that she won't be performing at the tribute concert:
    Honestly until Janet Jackson gives a one on one interview where she addresses everything that has happened since Michael's passing, we don't know anything for sure. Just keep the family in prayer b/c they have so much to sort out and with Papa Joe hitting the talk show circuit at every rip you know there are some interesting (to say the least) things going on behnd closed doors.

  22. Thanks Kim. We posted a link this morning to an MSNBC item that also cleared that up.