Robin Thicke Wants To Get ‘Dirty’

Robin Thicke is already at work on his fourth album, and he recently revealed that the death of Michael Jackson has him re-thinking the direction of his output. We're not sure if the Scott Storch-produced "Dirty It Up" came pre- or post-epiphany, but if there's one thing we're certain of, it's the track's unapologetic raunch. We're not clutching the pearls here; to anyone that's heard Thicke's "Threesome," you're well aware that he can get a little naughty. It's just that we weren't expecting the line about "f**king in the rain." Oh Robin, you're such a bad boy. [PBB]

Robin Thicke: "Dirty It Up"

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5 Responses

  1. Not feelin' the chorus, but I dig the little transition immediately after the chorus.

  2. I like this song, especially the first verse, but I'm not sure I want his next album to sound like this...

  3. Not feelin it. Now that Maxwell is back, poor Robin just can't hang.

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    Yea the Marvin Gaye "thing" after the hook is nice. I'm just glad to see Scott back, this track minus the bridge is really a toned down version of an Eminem/Dre track, cant remember but the bass line is similar to something he played for his former employer. Good shit, we have three "Robin" albums, he can do more collabs on this one.

  5. I like it. I'm a fan....