Ryan Leslie’s Dis Track Is A Winner

ryan_leslie_b&w.jpgSomehow dis tracks translate so much better when placed in the context of smooth yet catchy R&B grooves. Think how much nicer Portrait's "Here We Go Again" went over compared to RUN-DMC's "You Talk Too Much." Despite some people's disdain for my love of certain of Ryan Leslie's tracks, I have to say that next to "Diamond Girl," his new track "You're Not My Girl" is steadily gaining new ground for his track that I have played the most. Is he really telling a girl that they can be friends but "'re not my girl"? Yes, he is. Plus, there's a lot of sonic elements present on this track, some disco, some Pop, and some R&B. Very Summer-worthy.

Ryan Leslie: "You're Not My Girl"

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4 Responses

  1. LUV IT!!!!

  2. those chord progressions sound quite Neptune-ish to me.

  3. Avatar

    Just the progressions ? How bout the near hit for hit remake of Timberlakes Neptune's produced "Rock your body" drum pattern... BUT hell if I don't like Ryan, he makes some nice songs, this is no exception. Why did he waist time with Cassie again? We should have got his album first .

  4. Not my fav by him, but I like it. His first album is currently in heavy rotation with me. I'm surprised it didn't do very well.


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