The Foreign Exchange & Friends Got That ‘Purple’ Stuff

fe-purp.jpg It would seem that Nicolay and Phonte of the Foreign Exchange know absolutely nothing about taking a break, since they manage to drop bonus after bonus with every blink of the eye. Today's gem harkens back to Prince's most purple era, and they are joined by frequent collaborator Zo! and Carlitta Durand with additional keys and vocals, respectively, with none other than ?uestlove on the percussion. As noted on FE's official site they "decided to share it with our fans not only as a token of appreciation, but also as a way of paying respect to one of our last living musical geniuses." [FEM]

?uestlove, The Foreign Exchange, Zo! and Carlitta Durand: "Purple Flip"

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    Now that's what I'm talkin about. I'm feelin this, I'm glad you told us it was ?uestlove on the beats cause they sound synth. I'd be interested in how he tracked his beat know machine or organically?

  2. Love the diverse take on the Prince track.

  3. Loved it- FE can do almost no wrong in my book...definitely a different spin on the Genius that is Prince! However, I hope they got pre-approval to do his stuff...cuz we all know the Purple One gets a little territorial of his ish....

  4. Love it. This is a re-working and not a remake. They've really put their stamp on it. Hope The Litigious One isn't a pblm. lol

  5. Instant eargasm! I love it!

  6. Wonderful. Especially in light of the GARBAGE that SPIN magazine put out for there 25th anniversary of Purple Rain. They have a free download of the worst Prince covers ever heard. Every artist on it sounds like they had 24 hours to provide a remake of something from that album
    This is Golden compared to that Cork.

  7. NAw didn't like it

  8. HAUTE HAUTENESS DARLINGS..let me tell you Take Me With U has to be one of my favorite songs period, and soooooooo slept on...if you really listen to the instrumentation ahhhhhh the strings and percussion thru out the song, the crankin azz intro and outro and then the totally love smitten sweet sentiment lyrically, the Original is THE shat......but this version is the straight dopeness and very cyber chic......