The Other Rapper With A Book Deal

What got lost in all the hullabaloo about Jay-Z writing a book in which he translates his ever-so mystifying lyrics into layman's terms, was that Q-Tip has also inked a book deal with Random House. Perhaps not a multiple-volume situation and probably not with an advance in the millions, but it could be a page-turner nonetheless. Why? It's a memoir entitled Industry Rules which sounds like it could be a literary and spiritual successor to "Check The Rhime." Besides, we'll take anything over The Vixen Manual at this point. [EX]

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4 Responses

  1. personally, i think the q-tip book could be very cool look at the new york hip-hop scene in the early '90s as well as the dramas of being a young globetrotting star.

  2. Q-tip's book sounds like a good look.

  3. I'm just happy hip hop artists are writing books, then maybe people will be influenced to read more.

  4. I think i rather read what he has to say.