Well Damn, Ne-Yo.

Thumbnail image for neyobw.jpgApparently Ne-Yo had some kind of situation at a recent performance in Manchester. We largely stayed away from it because we didn't find it particularly interesting, funny or worthwhile, but it did prompt the rest of the treacherous Internets to engage in its requisite schadenfreude, even going as far as questioning his manhood. And Ne-Yo has had it! He took to his official blog to address his "concerned fans" as well as the "lifeless bloggers" that celebrate and torment him, respectively. It might be worth pointing out that some of his concerned fans are also lifeless bloggers. But you know, whatever. He's just blowing off steam. We'll just add him to the ever-increasing list of wealthy and beloved Pop stars that feel compelled to address haters on the Internet in spite of being on the receiving end of many many blessings. [H/T: Idolator]


8 Responses

  1. Why does he even feel the need to address people he consider haters? If you ask me, he just intensified the hate by responding. My granny used to say, "Empty wagons make a lot of noise."

  2. This dude is waaay too talented to be dealing with haters, besides if they aint hating on you, you aint doing something right:) Ne-yo keep doing your thing brotherman.

  3. As a blogger I was offended by what he said because I didnt talk about him on my blog either, I really didnt care to be honest so he shouldnt have put that on ALL bloggers.
    love the site!!!

  4. "If the one thing you cared about more than anything else in the world was threatened or even taken from you..."
    Hmmm. I thought NeYo was suffering from exhaustion not a terminal illness?
    This was one of the most useless, pointless, sanctimonious responses I think I've ever heard from a "star".
    Beyonce fell down steep stairs, HEAD FIRST, during a concert. Could have seriously injured herself. But what did she do...jumped up like the perfectly trained robot she is and kept it moving. Didn't miss a beat.
    It was all over the internets and not one time did I hear or read anything from Bey complaining.
    I guess she was too busy reading her bank statement or counting her other blessing to bother.
    Come on NeYo.

  5. Mary J. Blige recorded an entire album live, with a hoarse voice and she was out of shape. Did she stop her show? No. Album sucked, but she soldiered on like a trooper!

  6. @ Soulrific:
    Haha... amen! No one--not even Mary's biggest stans--ever mention that album. It has been swept under the rug because it was really that much of a hot mess. I remember back when I bought the album (mind you, back when an album would cost about $18) and I felt cheated. Now I can look back at it and laugh, but you couldn't pay me enough to revisit that live album. Between her sandpaper vocals, the unnecessarily vulgar and loud emcee, the choppy arrangements... it was just.... well, a jumbled and terrible disc.

  7. I don't know if it is the advent of easy-to-use forums like Twitter, Youtube and the internet but folks are getting soft these days.. you are a celeb.. like every person that has walked this earth, some people like you and others don't. Keep on stepping. Geez. And he has too much talent for this nonsense. Just release a statement and apologize and let your Manchester fans know when you will re-do the show..
    Can you imagine if Michael Jackson put a youtube video up errtime someone said something bad about him? Cried on twitter like Soulja Boy?

  8. @Chynadoll Beyonce is a great example of a celeb who does not go around bemoaning her haters. She may do it in a song, but she keeps it moving, and B has a ton of haters. I'm not her biggest fan, but I respect her for keeping her cool in that regard. Why complain about the few people who hate you when you've been embraced by so many? Stay focused Ne-Yo, Souljaboy and whoever else. I know that I don't know what it's like to live your lives, but statements like that alienate people.