What Michael Jackson Records Are You Buying?

mj-covers.jpg It's already been established many times over that the biggest-selling albums these past couple of weeks are Michael Jackson albums. The King of Pop is ruling the charts, as he did during his peak and as he well should. But, all those charts aside, we'd like to know what MJ albums the SoulBounce audience are stocking up on. We consider Thriller and Off The Wall the standard at this point, as they are pretty much assumed to be a part of anyone's catalogue (but we won't judge you if you're just adding them to your collection). Have you been moved to dig way back into the CBS Records era when he and his brothers were called The Jacksons? Have you rediscovered some gems on the under-appreciated Invincible? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. I have bought Michael Jackson Forever and Destiny from the Jacksons days as I already had Off the Wall and Thriller. I have a network of friends and between us we have just about everything else but I needed to go ahead and but these two. Shucks we even have the Moonwalker video and Ghost!!

  2. Jackson 5 box set, I need that in my life asap!

  3. i recently bought "Bad" and "Dangerous" but am not interested in getting his later albums. maybe at a later date. i already have his earlier work. i did buy an mp3 of "You Can't Win" because that song is made of awesome sauce.

  4. I remember going to the record store to get Invincible. They had plenty of copies, and the cashier looked at me like I was crazy for getting it. I absolutely love that CD, and make people listen to it when they are in my car. Then they appreciate it too 🙂
    I'm going to get his CDs from the CBS Records era soon.

  5. I've already copped everything of his that I didn't own, which means I now have every J5 album and every solo MJ joint.
    And don't end up with the same lump of regret in your stomach that I had for ignoring Dangerous and Invincible because there are HOT JOINTS on both of those albums. Not just good but great material. He could never repeat Thriller but that doesn't mean that he stopped writing strong material and turning in strong vocal performances.

  6. I bought his HISTORY DVD yesterday, but I need to get the BAD album.

  7. I already have a great deal of his cds, but I'm waiting on that special edition box set that I know will be released in the year or years to come. I know it will come with a thick book inside that I'll be reading from cover to cover.

  8. I need the OFF THE WALL and BAD Albums not now but right now!!! Im tryna get em earlier than as soon as possible!

  9. I have pretty much re-discovered "Dangerous". I know. It's a pretty big album, but I always tend to listen to just the hit tracks off of it ("Remember The Time", "Will You Be There" etc.)...and not much else. I went back and gave a full listen and have to say its one of the BEST New Jack Swing albums. Teddy Riley did his thing on it, and frankly, Quincy Jones's production isn't even missed. "Who Is It" and "Can't Let Her Get Away" are monster, and "Keep The Faith" is an inspirational cut to admire. Just grand.
    I also got around to getting The Essential Jacksons this past week..."Blame It On Boogie", where has that song been all my life?

  10. The kids have Thriller, Bad, and Dangerous on their iTunes. I said, "You don't have History?" So besides Invincible I gotta hook them up with the old stuff. Now to find the old stuff (on cassettes).

  11. I own most of his Epic solo stuff, I finally copped "Invincible," which is solid. And my first Jacksons album, "Destiny." I plan to buy more Jacksons/Jackson 5 stuff, and eventually his pre-Epic solo work. I own everything by Janet, lol, so I'm working on Mike and his brothers now too. Viva la Jackson! :D-QH

  12. I got all the stuff that I did not have off Amazon and they arrived yesterday. I also want to get them all in LPs.. classic albums in a classic format

  13. @ Audio Diva.. "Blame it on the boogie" is the JAM.. and "Can You Feel It" is my jam too..
    BAD was an excellent album. I think I enjoy iit more than Thriller, to be honest. "Another Part of Me" is THAT SONG, boy!

  14. That was a GREAT memorial service. The only thing I wish would have happened would have been for them to ROCK MJ Dance songs on the way out... uplifting joints... people might have been crying, but they would've been groovin out the door.

  15. I found myself all up in the Dangerous LP once again. It's my favorite MJ album. Who Is It and Give In To Me OMG solid tracks that are still relevant with today's sounds. I am also going to get my copy of BAD which is the only MJ album I am missing. I got to have my Leave Me Alone. Leave... is my favorite MJ song period. He let all the haters and such have it in that song. While still making it relevant and a stone smash hit. I been crying so much, I miss MJ already he is the best and no one can ever deny that great man.

  16. I have thriller, bad and off the wall. I bought MIchael jackson number ones which my kids listen to religiously.. However, I never really listened to Invincible until last week.. and I love IT!!! RIP MJ..

  17. i have allhismusic including the early stuff already but i hadnt paid attention to alot of the jacksons stuff, other than the big hits,until now...and i can't believe no one ever told me how good "Triumph" is! it sounds like a sequel to "off the wall"

  18. I bought the Off the Wall CD, and the HIstory pt. 1 and 2 video dvds. I also purchased The Essential Michael Jackson on iTunes they day he passed. I may eventually get more of the Jackson 5/Jacksons catalog....

  19. I remember when "Invincible" came out, and I slept on it. Hoard. But seriously, he never missed a step with the ballads. They're incredible.
    I am going to get more into his J5/Jacksons stuff. I'm 31, so other than the cartoons, I kinda missed out on that.
    So, "Jackson 5 anthology" and "Essential Jacksons" here I come! Add the immaculate "P.Y.T" Demo, and honestly, whoever gets in my car for the next few months are either going to be huge MJ fans, or sick of me!

  20. I had Victory as a kid on LP but wan tthe other previous Jackson albums once the wen ttpo Epic.

  21. I had to backtrack as far as MIchael goes. I was born in 1984. So, memories of Michael's J5 days, Off the Wall and Thriller(the two essential albums) are nonexistent to me. My most vivid memories of Michael began during his Dangerous album days. When I was about 8. When Black or White world premiered all over TV. When Remember the Time was my most favorite song/video. When I could not stop watching him move in the In The Closet video.
    I already owned Off the Wall and Thriller but prompted by his death, I copped Bad with a quickness. And just yesterday I was able to find a copy of The Jacksons Triumph album which features must have "This Place Hotel." Next, I will probably be trying to get my hands on the full Dangerous LP. Who Is It is the ish and always was. I would like to give Invincible a good listen. I absolutely loved Butterflies. I would like to stock up on more J5. I always need a lil Dancing Machine and I Wanna Be Where You Are in my life.
    So, I am now just taking a History (I need the new tracks from that album too) lesson. Absorbing everything that was his legacy. I still can't believe he isn't here anymore. They said he was some sort of magical on BET today during his memorial. That is true. He was.
    And I will forever be mesmerized.

  22. As with raonerd I was born in 1984 so missed some of the hype, plus I was bought up on older Motown stuff and so although I was a fan of his work and respected his talent I only own minimal amounts of his solo stuff compared to the J5 stuff.
    Over the last 2 weeks i've been rediscovering MJ songs that i loved years ago but had all but forgotten about.
    Its a shame that it has taken his death to prompt some (incl. myself) to really dig into his catalogue of stuff.

  23. I have all his Jacksons/5 stuff and all his solo albums. So I guess I have all his material. And yes, I collected it all before his death, Im not a latter day fan like some:) Anyway, can't wait for unreleased material from him!

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    I would love to have the J5 albums..I've always found it pretty amazing that so many ppl slept on Invincible..granted there are a few songs I will skip, but I can listen to a solid 7-8 tracks on repeat and not get tired..

  25. I've been a Michael Jackson fan since I could talk and have 2 vinyl copies of Thriller, 1 copy of Jackson 5 ABC (given to me by my mother - okay I stole it), 1 copy of Victory and 1 copy of Bad. I do have Dangerous, History and Invincible (which is in my top three of favorite Michael solo releases) on cd. Looking forward to obtaining anything else record from 1971 to present (really want Off The Wall on vinyl) to keep his memory alive. He will always live in my heart. Luv U Mike!

  26. I bought Bad because I only had the tape. Which is still in good condition even though I don't own a tape player anymore lol. I also bought some Jackson 5 songs on itunes. I was shocked that I ddin't already own "I wanna be where you are"; really thought I had it. And I bought "All I do is Think of You" after it was posted on Soulbounce. I had tons of MJ before this, the only album I need now is "Blood on the Dance Floor" I've never owned the entire album

  27. Growing up in the 60's I had all the Jackson 5 & Jackson lps. Had Michael lps added some songs from Off The Wall,Thriller & Bad to my i-pod have Dangerous & Invincible on cd. Would like to have a Michael Live in concert DVD either Thriller or the Bad,Dangeruos tours

  28. I need copies of Bad & HIStory. I have the cases but somebody stole the cds (the nerve!) As soon as I replace those, I'll be buying some vintage Michael & The Jacksons. I bought Invincible the day it came out & LOVED it. People truly slept on that CD. I wore it out in a week, lol. I want to be sure I have a solid MJ collection so when I have kids, I can introduce them to his music and legacy. I'd love it if someone put together a DVD of all MJ's performances.

  29. Today I finally found OTW and I was so happy I bought 2 copies. My collection was both scattered, scarce, and limited to MP3 because all my records are either stored away in God knows where or lost or never had. Just pathetic. I need to cop the Gold album under "Michael Jackson" which has lots of his early solo stuff, that's a good starter for anyone looking in that category. I also want the Jacksons Christmas CD. I need to re-buy the remastered but untouched Thriller (not a fan of those remixes), HIStory, Dangerous and I never even owned Bad! For shame. Also gotta hit up the songs that Mike showed up on, like that Rockwell song. And "Let's Get Serious" by Jermaine Jackson for good measure LOL.

  30. ITA with Kim about Invincible. Just because it didn't reach the heights of past CDs it was great. I loved his cover of Butterflies, Heartbreaker, Break of Dawn (whoa...) loved it. Because I grew up with Thriller & Dangerous those would be my next favs ( I may be in the minority for liking Liberian Girl).. and of course Off The Wall because I love Lady In My Life. The true stans will miss you MJ. May you FINALLY have some peace.