Awful Akon Track Included On New Whitney Album

Practically a year ago, a Whitney Houston track leaked called "Like I Never Left," featuring the insufferable Akon, who was possibly included to distract from the fact that Houston doesn't sound as great as in the past. Too bad that didn't work; that song is poo. In fact, I think I said something along the lines of "If this ends up on her new album I'll be first in line to buy something else." And look! According to the tracklisting the song is indeed a part of I Look To You. I can't say I'm too mad since the prospect of a Houston return never involved any love of the music so much as my overall fascination with her, so I'm basically here to impart the chilling details at this point. At any rate, the release will also include work with Swizz Beatz, Johnta Austin and R. Kelly. I can't wait to not hear this album. Tracklist after the bounce. [PBB]

Whitney Houston feat. Lil' Sinus Infection: "Like I Never Left"

1. Million Dollar Bill
2. Nothin' But Love
3. Call You Tonight
4. I Look To You
5. Like I Never Left (feat. Akon)
6. A Song For You
7. I Didn't Know My Own Strength
8. Worth It
9. For The Lovers
10. I Got You
11. Salute
Tracklisting confirmed by the official Whitney Houston website.

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10 Responses

  1. Right there with you NOVA. I'm not the biggest Whitney stan- I can take her or leave her. I do wish her success, but I'm in no rush to buy her stuff, at least not the new stuff...give me "You Give Me Good Love" Whit circa 1985 and I'm cool or "It's Not Right, But I'm Okay" 1999 Whitney, and we can talk....just not too sure about the 21st Century Ms. Houston...we'll see....

  2. Da f*ck? I knew it was going downhill when I heard the "Akon & Whitney" refrain in the intro. I mean the song isn't extremely bad, but the little Akon touches rub me the wrong way. So mundane.
    Aside from that, I'll be glad to hear some of the other tracks on the album.

  3. Shoulda had someone like Anthony Hamilton or Jaheim instead of a-waste, i mean akon. Can u imagine how much better and how much more classy the song would have sounded with jaheim? even with the same exact melody akon sang, jaheim would have complemented whitneys voice a whole lot better than akons

  4. I am starting to have a bad feeling about this album...............the words greatness and Akon should never be mentioned in the same sentence.

  5. Why does Akon sound better than Whitney Houston on this track.
    Got damn...

  6. lol "Lil' Sinus Infection"
    It doesn't sound so bad.

  7. Hmm...this is the version that circulated last year. Until we hear otherwise, there's always a chance that the version slated for the album is a different version.
    Granted, they'd have to remove Akon altogether for it to truly be improved, but still......

  8. Skip button, folks, that's all you have to use when there is a song you don't like. That's what I'll be using on that Acorn track. So, I'm not going to judge the album from one whole track just yet. I'm interested in hearing the Alicia Keys song, "Millon Dollar Bill"...and other slushy ballads. So let the leaks begin!
    Also, this can't be as bad as 'Just Whitney'...can it? I mean, Clive has her posing like its 1985 on the cover, we should believe something better is around the corner? Right? *winces*
    To add, it pains me that in MJ's last years he was teamed up in the studio with Acorn...people so quickly forgot about that....

  9. Feeble. Again.
    She may only be able to sing two notes now but she sings both pretty well and sometimes great work comes from fighting against limitations, so why the tired, uninspired and joyless sounding tracks along with that ridiculous retro album cover?
    She's still good enough to have been challenged with ambitious material but maybe it's ambition that's lacking all round, a big shame because there really aren't that many Houston studio albums.
    I'll value my copy of My Love is Your Love and spend what cash I have on someone new who's still excited by what they do.

  10. WOW,,, I thought i was the only one wincing when i heard this song. I think Whitney Houston fans are getting shafted with this new release. It's taken them three years to find songs for this album please. Yet when the track listing is compiled its the same producers, the same songwriters that everyone is using. And Akon is the only guest artist on Whitney Houston's album. Didnt he mess up an India.Arie song a few years ago, which she was not happy about? The awful remix of "I Am Not My Haïr." Every reviewer from the preview party was invited and at the end of it all tell us to not expect the old Whitney. Why not? Is that not what you expect from a woman whose voice could make anything sound good. How do you explain away going from a first soprano to a tenor? And what's with the excuses, the tracks aren't finished yet. I mean seriously do you think Clive Davis would parade his most prized pupil out without polishing. I guess he is watching the reactions to see what tracks need to be remixed or mastered before releasing the album. I am a fan and I will get this, but from the 3 tracks i have heard so far the voice is gone. And that is what makes me sad. I just hope this doesnt turn out like Jordan when he spent his last years with the Wizards.