New Whitney Channels Old Whitney In New Single

whitney-newpromo.jpgLet me be the first to say that I cannot stand Pop ballads nowadays. Every time one of the current crop of divas goes this route, it never feels sincere, and I always think to myself "This only works for Whitney." Luckily, La Houston's new single, "I Didn't Know My Own Strength" is produced and written by David Foster and Diane Warren, and harkens back to the classics that made Whitney a chart-topping sensation. There's a noticeable difference in the effectiveness of her vocals, but we suspect there are enough people out there not only grateful for the message here, but her return as well. [LBS]

Whitney Houston: "I Didn't Know My Own Strength"


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  1. I feel the same way about pop ballads. They always feel like maudlin bullshit. This is Whitney's lane. I was kept hoping that this sing would hit a nasty crescendo. It didn't happen. I imagine that's b/c Whitney isn't able to do it anymore. Having said that, I will never forsake Whitney. This song came in the right time in my life and I'm sure other folk's too.

  2. Good for her. Her voice is not as strong as it used to be, but I think she'll come back full force soon enough. :]

  3. This was just fresh. Go Whitney!

  4. WTF!!! She sounds as real as never before! I don't care how much she resembles or not her old work...after all she went through, and the time that has passed since her last album, who would expect her to be the same singer as before! She's alive and all those experiences go directly to her voice and sound....after all that's what music is about. She's incredibly incredibly incredibly awesome!.

  5. Its OK... Very Mariah "I can make it thru the rain"... Was hoping she'd come with something stronger, more soulful, more upbeat... we all know what she's been through... Those who love her are rooting for her... no need to explain, just come back strong. This was boring.

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    Diane Warren needs a hit, its been a while...but then again if anyone can take a decade off, she's a prime candidate.
    David Foster = king of corny elevator music, but he's quite beastly, one of my faves. I'm just ashamed that he gave her preachers wife redux instead of trying to build something new.
    The little Pilipino girl Charese Pempengco, the Whitney clone, David and company scooped up from Oprah? Ummmmm she kind of sounds better. Blasphemy, I know, but damn the voice has suffered, you can hear the cigarettes and drugs. If she sounds this week with, vocal comping, multiple takes and pitch correction (Its subtle, but I can hear it) . Not sure she can do it live anymore. I hope I'm just being a hater. Nice song, nice arrangement, Whitney was the weak link here...but I'd take an albul of these in place of, a bunch of Darkchild tracks, T-Pain guest spots, and "synth pop

  7. She has abuse so many drugs she has lost the gift that God gave her. Her voice isnt half of what it use to be, let this be a lesson you NEVER abuse what God has given too you. I wish the sister the best but sadly the game has past her by................

  8. I can hear the Newports. While I'm not really into Adult-Contemporary Pop Ballads, this sounds pretty decent. Clearly, a comeback song.
    The strong vocals are gone, sadly. Hope she kept the receipt for those drugs.

  9. No! Not songs about survival please! Not that final insult.
    Her voice is still strong in that emphysemic "bark" way, it just lacks any breadth of range which, when you need to elevate pedestrian material to a higher level purely by virtue of the particular artistry of the spectacular vocals your entire reputation is founded on,
    is a problem.
    Someone should've written her a song called
    "Don't **** Where You Eat".
    I feel as tired as she sounds.

  10. A Celine Dion reject

  11. I heard the song on the radio today and I was blown, and not in a good way. She sounded lifeless, dull, and dejected.
    The lyrics saddened me- she approached the song as if she was a lost soul.

  12. Don't like this song! Very disappointed. Whitney could have done better. SMH

  13. whitney is done.

  14. I think that you must listen to Whitney's past hits to compare the change in her vocal range.


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